The Cobra Razor

Don’t be afraid!!!… The Cobra razor strikes your hair not your dome!



Every now and then you get the chance to try something brand new. In fact, sometimes it’s so brand new it could be considered revolutionary. Revolutionary as to what function or functions it has that sets it apart from other products. Of course I’m talking about a new shaving product, a new kind of razor that’s specifically designed to shave your face and head with an elegant sleekness that puts the fun back into cartridge shaving like it used to be. This revolutionary razor handles all the contours of your head and face with a fluid dynamic smoothness that can only mean one thing. The King Cobra razor is the new kid on the block and its here to stay. Chris Coviello, the owner and founder of Cobra Razor is also a fellow Bald guy that believes in supporting our bald community with this new and revolutionary razor that is quickly becoming a product that will soon find its way into a lot of bald guys bathrooms and set roots as its new home. I found Cobra Razors website by accident during a search for new shaving products. The Cobra Razors original website was just a landing page with a description of the razor before its released unto the shaving world making its mark right away as a force to be reckoned with.

I knew right away that I had to have this new revolutionary razor as a permanent edition in my cabinet of shave products and as a new shaving routine to further along my quest for great shaving products that produce great shaves with all the pesky cuts, scrapes and periods of razor burn that every shaver no matter how much experience they have gets from time to time. After contacting Chris of Cobra Razors we exchanged lengthy emails talking about the bald community, family and what nots, I quickly realized just how passionate and well-rounded he was and his kindness along with his great work ethic shows through the craftsmanship of the Cobra Razor and all the great products that are found on his new website.

I eagerly awaited my package from Chris @CobraRazors and when it finally arrived it was like Christmas day in this Bald guys house. After using it the first time I knew that this was a razor that would bridge the gap between head razor and face razor turning it into one razor with a great design and shape revolutionizing the razor once again and putting the Cobra Razor into a category all of its own.

With a  new razor comes a couple of learning curves that are easy to overcome after a few tries. This statement is true with any new razor or product you use. Learning curves are simply bumps in the road that lead to the sweet spot of any product or products. Learning curves are ways to gain experience to share with other shavers whether their fellow bald guys or just other shavers. The biggest learning curve I had with the Cobra Razor is getting the right angle down with shaving both my dome and face. This learning curve only lasted a few times and then it was smooth shaving from there on out. A good angle with any razor is a key element to a good shave and what some shavers alike would consider the perfect shave. A good angle is different for each shaver and can only be attainable through trial and error, but it can be fun and exciting at the same time. The other learning curve that I had was how to hold the razor in a fashion that was sturdy and reliable making each shave a trustworthy experience between you and the Cobra Razor itself. Once you have that trusting relationship between you and your razor the real fun can begin with getting to know your product and what your products can really do and what they can provide to you on a daily basis or any time you use them. After overcoming the learning curves and locking down the correct finger positioning it was time to get to know the Cobra Razor and what it can do, and let me tell you it can do an awful lot of good for your dome and face.

Angle is everything with the Cobra Razor.



Every package of Cobra Razor comes with directions on how to use it. The directions entail the proper angles that Chris from Cobra Razor feels is the best way to utilize his revolutionary razor. They are however reference points or a starting point to try at first to get your feet wet the first time and go from their. You don’t have to use the same reference points for your fingers, but I suggest you start from there and critique your technique as you go along. The very first thing I noticed with the Cobra Razor during my first initial shave  was how safe it felt right away. With every new razor you try there is the period of adjustment to the new razor. It’s normal to get little cuts and scrapes during this adjustment period as you are learning what angle work best for you. With the Cobra Razor I didn’t get any of those cuts, scrapes and nicks or even razor burn. I felt very safe with it right away making the adjustment period with the Cobra Razor even shorter and over coming any obstacles in a matter of a few shaves. The Cobra Razor comes with a six or four blade cartridge with seems to be a little confusing as to which one should be used. The decision on which cartridge to use is strictly a personal decision, there is not a right or wrong answer its what works for you. Try both the six and four blade cartridge and decide what works best for you. The razor cartridge sits on a pair of shocks that allow the razor to follow the contours of your head with smooth strokes every time. If you look at the Cobra Razor you can see it resembles the body of a cobra. A wide rounded handle that fits in the palm of your hand with a  comfort level making everyday shaving with the Cobra Razor enjoyable each time. The handle shortens in width at the end leading to a narrow pivoting black handle that would resemble the tail end of a Cobra. Looking at the Cobra Razor from different side views you can see the true curves of the handle, and with the wide end of the handle that attaches to the cartridge, it has cobra written all over it. the Cobra Razor comes with its own dock putting the Cobra Razor on display when ever it’s not in use. The Cobra Razor is also feather light making it an easy razor to manipulate without fatigue and cleaning the Cobra Razor is simple since it’s all plastic. The razor can be submerged under water for cleaning purposes. Shaving in the shower is of no worries to the long gevity of the Cobra Razor due to the fact that it’s all plastic. Make no mistake the all plastic aspect of the razor doesn’t change the sturdiness or functionality itself. The Cobra Razor is built to last and even with the feather light aspect of the razor, provides a superior shave every time you use it.

The Cobra Razor has a long black handle on the bottom of the razor that looks very similar to a tail and is a pivotal piece to how the razor handles as both a head and face shaver. The black handle pivots up and down depending on what you are intending on shaving. You can control the movement by a black switch on the bottom of the razor. If the black handle is up resting on top of the razor, its ready for head shaving. The handle is rounded leaving a space for your middle finger to fit snuggly underneath it. Your index finger rests in front of it and your two back fingers sit behind the middle finger. All of your fingers fit nicely on top of the razor giving it support while you are shaving your head. Shaving your head is the same as if you were using your old Schick or bick cartridge razor, you pull the razor across your dome instead of pushing it when shaving with the grain. When shaving against the grain just turn the razor backward like you schick or Bick cartridge razor and it’s just like old times except with a revolutionary razor that bridges the gap between awesomeness with one shave at a time. If the black handle is extended resembling a black tail then the razor is ready for face shaving. One razor to shave the head and face is exactly what our shaving community has been waiting for. The angle of the Cobra Razor is the same with shaving your face compared to shaving your head. It doesn’t take long to achieve the same and even better shave with the Cobra Razor, it just takes a little time to get used to the different angle of the Cobra Razor. The angle of the handle feels good in your hand. It contours to the palm of your hand and curves to the angle of your face to make for a close shave with a smooth outcome.

A great shave or maybe what you would consider to be your perfect shave takes more than just a good razor wouldn’t you agree? It also takes great product as well, such as a good shaving cream or soap and possibly an aftershave as part of your post prep routine. The Cobra Razor shave gel with aloe vera and aftershave lotion are two products that assist the Cobra Razor with what some might consider to be the perfect shave. Even if you don’t make the Cobra Razor a permanent staple in your shave routine, the aloe vera shave gel and aftershave lotion from Cobra Razor just might be your go to products from here on out after you try the combo together. The unscented aloe vera shave gel from Cobra Razor is a thick consistency shave gel that takes a little product to lather. You do not use a brush with this shave gel. The application is easy, you apply a small amount of gel either to your fingers or the area you want to shave. The consistency of the gel is thick so if you apply it directly to your dome or face it’s not going to run all over so the application is quick and easy. Once its applied you create a lather by circular motion of your fingers creating a nice thin lather. This is a gel, it’s neither a sop or cream. Cobra Razor does not pride itself on lather. Cobra Razor emphasizes on functionality and smoothness of their aloe based shave gel. The aloe vera shave gel from Cobra Razor has a nice feel on the skin no matter if its your dome and face. the thin lather dissipates but still leaves behind a smooth surface for your razor to glide across your skin skipping the razor burn, cuts and knicks with every application and use. In my opinion, the best way to apply any shaving soap, cream or gel is by the area you are getting ready to shave. If you apply the shaving to your whole dome or face at one time than you run the risk of the product drying out before you get to the area that you are wanting to shave. The shave gel from Cobra Razor is also unscented and made to assist any skin type in the never-ending battle of hair removal. The aloe vera shave gel from Cobra can also aid woman as much as men with all of their shaving needs. The aloe vera and other soothing elements make shaving for woman just as gentle and soft as they need it to be but tough and consistent while eradicating that unwanted hair no matter where you shave. The aloe vera shave gel from Cobra Razor is a great addition to the everyday use of the Cobra Razor itself or the every other day use depending on how often you practice your shaving routine.

The Cobra Razor aftershave balm is an additional product to add to your post prep shave routine no matter if you use it with the  Cobra Razor products or your other shave products as well. It’s a balm and not a splash. The aftershave balm from Cobra Razor moisturizes just as any moisturizer you would use on your dome and face after shaving would moisturize. This aftershave is non alcohol based  has a thick but not to thick consistency that’s unscented that does everything you want it to do without the stinging sensation of an alcohol based antiseptic found in a lot of aftershave. The Cobra Razor aftershave balm even though non alcohol based still aides in the fight against infection and redness caused by those pesky cuts and scrapes it just doesn’t sting in the process. Now that’s #Baldtastic! The Cobra Razor aftershave dries into the skin on your dome or face leaving your skin revitalized with re-hydration and a smooth feel not greasy and tacky. Additional moisturizing becomes an option when using since it works as both an aftershave and moisturizer. This two in one combination is a great time and money saver. The unscented aspect of the aftershave and shave gel makes the use of these two products even more appealing. If you decide that additional moisturizing is a must then it just adds an extra layer of protection without adding to greasiness or tackiness since the aftershave from Cobra Razors is neither of the two. Overall the shave gel and aftershave lotion combo is not a must when shaving  with the Cobra Razor, but makes your shaving experience with this revolutionary razor an even better experience.

So what are my final thoughts on the Cobra Razor and aloe vera shave gel with aftershave lotion? A Superior shave with a revolutionary razor. The Cobra Razor offers a head shave and face shave with the same razor by changing the handle with a pivoting arm. The razor has a couple of learning curves that take a couple of shaves to master, but, every new product you use has a learning curve as well. Even with the learning curves ahead of you, the first thing you notice is how close of a shave the Cobra Razor provides you with.

The shave gel and aftershave lotion add to the superior shave with a comforting slickness that has your razor gliding across your dome and face with precision. Razor burn, cuts and scrapes will become less and less presentable from the smooth glide that the Cobra Razor shave products provide. The angles of the Cobra Razor provide a great shave that is fun and from the very beginning you feel safe using this razor no matter what angle you achieve the very first try. with the unscented shave gel and aftershave lotion as a combination to the Cobra Razor a smooth clean superior shave is what you will get time and time again with the Cobra Razor. The aloe vera shave gel and aftershave lotion combo with the Cobra Razor is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


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