@SirHare is a brand on social media specifically dedicated to producing shaving products geared towards the Bald man and living the bald lifestyle. @SirHare shaving products are strong and stable much like our Bald lifestyle. I’ve been using @SirHare products for a while and appreciate SirHare’s craftsmanship towards their products every time I shave with their pre-shave oil and shave soap, so naturally I wanted to know some of Tony’s, from, thoughts on Baldness. Tony is a big supporter of our Bald Nation. Tony has a vision of creating a great product geared to the Bald Lifestyle and I must say he has made it. So without further adieu…..
 Here’s Tony.
When the 5 Stages of Hair Loss Grief Go Wrong
Going bald sucks and unlike your first armpit hair, realizing you’re balding doesn’t bring too much excitement to the table.  For many men it’s actually a devastating experience and one that involves the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.
This is a natural emotional coping process, don’t try to dodge it. If you don’t embrace the stages of hair loss grief, you will never manage them successfully and emerge a better, happier man on the other side. Don’t believe us? Here’s what it looks like when hair loss grief goes wrong.
Denial. “I’m not going bald. I have plenty of hair.” Men trapped in a balding denial loop are the ones who make themselves look the most ridiculous. Yes Donald Trump, we’re looking at you.
Anger. “Why me? WHY MEEEE?!?!?” You have to fight your way through this one, turn your rage into something positive. It’s okay to be angry at first about losing your hair, that’s natural. It’s not okay to wallow in your anger and allow it to become a permanent feature of your personality. Don’t be that Angry Bald Guy in a YouTube video yelling at skaters.
Bargaining. This tends to be the shortest stage of hair loss grief, because there is no way to bargain away baldness. What do you think you’re going to trade for a few extra follicles?
Depression. Here is the most significant test of your confidence and self-worth. A “Why bother anymore? My life is over” attitude leads to withdrawal and isolation. Now you’re the Sad Bald Guy sitting in the corner at the Christmas Party, not even getting drunk. Don’t be the Sad Bald Guy.
Acceptance. You made it. You successfully realized that your essential awesomeness will not only survive but thrive independent of hair. Congratulations! Now you are ready for the final step in your evolution: it’s time to own your future and shave your head, to fully embrace the limitless opportunities that that are possible when you demonstrate your confidence and masculinity.
Yes, balding sucks. We’re not going to lie to you. But you need to drop the crybaby routine and suck it up – it’s not the end of the world, and once you come to terms with balding you’ll realize you are still you and nothing has changed except you’ve lost your hair. Now it’s time to get on with the rest of your life.

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