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A great shaving experience for a man with or without a beard from DreadNought!



I’m always on the look out for that one new product that can dispose of the hair on my dome and leave it as smooth and shiny as it is now. Unfortunately, there is no such shaving product yet to my knowledge. You could try Nair, although I wouldn’t suggest it. For the first reason of, it doesn’t work that way, and for the second, OUCH!! been there done that and I learned a valuable lesson. Always read directions, it says right on the back of the box, do not apply to top of head.

The results from my Nair experience was a very painful one and an experience I wont forget. There is however a shaving product designed for the hair removal of beards and the hair that grows on your dome that decreases the hair growth and stability with each use on a daily basis. This product which I support is called DreadNought. You can find DreadNought here on the web. I found DreadNought through a google search for hair removal and after searching their website DreadNought-shaving.com I decided I wanted to try their product. Read on and you might find yourself on their website as well placing an order for their product in anticipation for a great shave for your dome and face as well as beard or no beard.

I contacted DreadNought which is located in the U.K, after a couple of friendly emails and what seemed to take forever for shipping, my well awaited package of DreadNought was on my door step waiting to be used and its full potential unlocked. Before I go any further I must elaborate on the shipping wait. This longer period is of no fault from DreadNought. Shipping from the U.K takes longer because the rules of shipping are tighter for international sales and shipping. Some overseas companies will not ship product to the united states because of that reason. Dreadnought is one company that will, and their fantastic customer service while I waited,  has me looking at ordering from them once again. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed when using Dreadnought for a shaving solution on your dome and face, beard or no beard.

DreadNought sells shaving products that are all paraben free, and a  premium quality brushless shaving cream that contains Decelerine. Decelerine is a mixture of actives that minimizes the appearance of unwanted hair decreasing the need to shave everyday if you’re a couple of days a week shaver type of guy than this will definitely appeal to you. Decelerine targets the in hair follicle cells and weakens new hair formation leading to hair looking softer and less noticeable decreasing the length and density of the hair growth on your dome and face.

The decreased length and density of hair helps in working towards eliminating razor burn, cuts and scrapes, and replaces that with the more important end results such as smoothness and softness. I will gladly replace razor burn, cuts and scrapes for smoothness and softness. Daily and occasional use of DreadNought shaving products can help to achieve that goal.

DreadNought is a soft-bodied brushless shaving cream meaning a couple of things. Since its brushless you can lather it in your hands and rub it on your dome and face creating a lather, no need for a brush. This brushless system works just as stated by the company. there are some shavers that don’t like to use a brush and bowl for shaving. I was one of those shavers for a long time. That changed after the first time I tried a brush and bowl and I’ve used them ever since.

Using a brush and bowl with DeadNought shaving cream increases the amount of rich creamy lather that a small amount of product on the end of your brush will produce. Just a couple of drops of water added to the shaving cream in your bowl and in no time you have a bowl filled with thick, rich, creamy lather that clings to the bristles of your brush. No matter if you are using a hard or soft bristled brush. If you’re using DreadNought shaving cream as your shaving solution for the evening you are experiencing a smooth luxurious shave with a soft outcome on your face and dome.

The creamy thick lather loads your hard or soft bristled brush with an abundance of lather and transfers to your dome and face with a thick heavy application that does not dry out. The thick moistened application of DreadNought shaving cream on your head and face creates an extra smooth cushion and slickened surface for your razor to shave all that unwanted hair away. DreadNought shaving cream has you wondering if you actually shaved it all of to begin with.

No need to re-lather and shave again unless you want to just for the pure fun of it, and that might just be the case because one thing is for sure. Not only is shaving with DreadNought a luxurious shave with a smooth and soft outcome, and not only does DreadNought provide an extra soft cushion with a great slickness for your razor to glide effortlessly across your dome. Shaving with DreadNought shaving cream is also fun and will leave you wishing it took longer to shave and have you counting the minutes until you can shave again with DreadNought shaving cream.

The post shave balm from DreadNought comes in a gel substance that works great as an aftershave balm to help with nicks, small cuts, scrapes and even razor burn. I was impressed with this post shave balm for it took a little product to cover my face and dome. It soaked into the skin quickly without leaving behind any tackiness. I followed up with a moisturizer and my skin was soft and smooth with a great shine on my dome. I now recommend an aftershave balm or splash as a great addition to your post-prep shave routine to help with prevention and maintenance of any cuts, nicks, scrapes or razor burn. Aftershave balm or splash will add an extra layer of protection to your face or dome especially if you are an avid shaver. The Post Shave Balm from DreadNought is a great second layer of moisturizing protection added to your daily or nightly shave. I just wish the balm came in a bigger container.

So what are my final thoughts on the shaving cream and Post Shave Balm from DreadNought? A close and smooth luxurious shave from start to finish. It takes very little product to build a bowl full of creamy lather with a great cushion and a slickened surface that has your razor gliding over the surface of your face and dome with maximum comfort and a closeness  that only DreadNought shaving products can provide. The Post Shave Balm from DreadNought feels great on your face and dome with a non greasy feel even after the balm soaks into your skin leaving room for your favorite moisturizer. The shaving cream and Post Shave Balm from DreadNought shaving products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day.


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