Forever Summer Beer soap

I’m not drinking beer I’m shaving with it!




There are multitudes of things you can do with beer. Of course you can drink it, but you can also make bread, cure insomnia, Bathe in it, put out a fire with it, marinate meat, and polish pots and pans with it. Yes, there are lots of different ways beer can be resourceful and you can even shave with it. I’m not suggesting that you just poor beer on top of your head or face and start shaving, I’m referring to beer soap. Beer has many properties that are good for you skin and hair. There are many websites that sell beer soap that can be used to wash you hair and body including shaving your dome and face. I found a fantastic beer soap made by a company called Forever summer on, their Misty Moors, Raspberry stout what’s on tap Beer Soap moisturizing shave soap changed the way I look at beer for now on, and after you read this review on their beer soap and you decide to try it you might look at the way you think and consume beer in a whole new light as well. Forever summer’s beer soap should be on your list of different soaps to try now or in the future.

I’ve tried two kinds of beer soap from , both beer soaps make a great shave. There is no difference between lather and comfort as well as smoothness. Both beer soaps have a great cushion with slickness as well. creates a  thick creamy lather in a couple of quick swirls of your shave brush that clings to the bristles of your brush and fills your shave bowl until transferred to your dome and face with a generous application  coating your skin with a  smooth lather from start to finish. If your shave bowl starts to run short of lather, no problem, Forever Summer has that covered. Just add a couple drops of water and re-lather into the rich creamy goodness  that filled your bowl once before. Running out of lather is not an option with Forever Summer What’s on tap Beer Soap moisturizing shave soap, but re-lathering is.

So what are my final thoughts on the Raspberry stout and Misty Moors bear soap from Forever Summer What’s on Tap Beer Soap moisturizing shave soap? A rich creamy lather with a smooth shave. Forever Summer Beer Soap lathers deep and rich creating a smooth shave from start to finish. Forever Summer What’s on tap Beer Soap moisturizing shave soap is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day.


You Can find Forever Summer What’s on Tap Beer Soap moisturizing shave soap here on

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