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I may not have a beard, but I love beardbrand!



I decided to broaden my horizons when it comes to pre-shave oils. I started looking at Beard oil used as a pre-shave oil. there is a difference between the two but essentially pre-shave and beard oil do the same thing which is keep your skin healthy and hydrated with an oil packed full of vitamins and nutrients along with essential oils. Some pre-shave and beard oil have fragrances and some do not. I found while searching for beard oil to use as a pre-shave oil. I contacted on twitter @thebeardbrand and after a couple of friendly emails I found their product on my doorstep in a very quick manner. Their customer service is great and you receive your product in a very timely manner that will keep you happy and wanting to contact every time you are in the need of beard oil or pre-shave oil.

I started thinking outside the box more with shave oils. There’s a lot of beard oil brands popping up all over and I did some research on the difference between pre-shave oil and beard oil. Shave oil lubricates the razor blade as you are shaving creating a slickened surface on your skin for a smoother shave. Beard oil is more of a conditioner for your skin, it’s a skin oil that stops dry skin from forming under your beard. Pre-shave oil and beard oil are different, but, both share a couple of similarities. Both pre-shave and beard oil have properties that lubricate the skin and keep your skin soft and smooth as well as hydrated and protected from razor burn, cuts and nicks.

I’ve used several different brands of shave oil and beard oil and the one difference I’ve noticed is this. Beard oil in general has more of a thicker consistency than pre-shave oil. Beard oil is primarily used  as skin conditioner to prevent dry skin and keep the beard healthier and healthier looking. Pre-shave oil is primarily used as an oil to provide a smoother surface on your skin during shaving no matter if it’s the skin on your face or dome. The thicker consistency is what I primarily look for in a pre-shave oil, and know, a beard oil used as a pre-shave oil as well, and, has accomplished that with a great product whether you use it for a beard oil or a pre-shave oil you won’t be disappointed.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, No! I don’t have a beard! There I said it!, and really, I don’t plan on growing one either. That’s just my personal preference. I certainly don’t have any problem with beards, I think beards are cool especially the beards that are well maintained and represent the growing community of bearded men. I’m not speaking from experience, but, my guess is that the beards that are long and full take a lot of time and effort as well as choosing great products to nourish and keep that great looking beard healthy and well maintained to achieve the fullness and richness that makes any beard look and feel soft. It’s same as a Bald head in that aspect. Head shavers will try product after product in search of the one product or products that give them a great shave and a great looking dome after their shave is done. A soft and smooth head is what any head shaver is looking for. I’m assuming guys that grow a nice healthy full beard want that soft glow along with a soft feel that makes any beard look and feel great. Can I speak from experience when saying that the Spiced Citrus and Tree Ranger Beard oil from will give that very same thing to any beard grower or head shaver? No I can’t say that. I will say that you can certainly do a lot worse than the beard oil from The Spiced Citrus and Tree ranger feel fantastic on your dome and face that gives your skin a glow after extended use

The oil comes in a number of different fragrances and can be found on the Beard Brand website. I had the opportunity to try the Spiced citrus and Tree Ranger fragrance. The Spiced Citrus fragrance has the aroma of Spiced Citrus, and the Tree Ranger’s fragrance is more of a musk smell. Both of the fragrances are very pleasing and non aggressive. one thing is obvious from the moment you try both of these great beard oils from, it’s a smoothness all the way around. The thickened consistency is the same no matter what fragrance you use. Both Spiced Citrus and Tree Ranger beard oil from feel smooth and leave a slickened surface for your razor to glide across your dome and face effortlessly leaving no traces of razor burn, cuts or scrapes.

The packaging of a product should never be the reason why you buy a product. It should be whats on the inside that counts. You can however be drawn to a product as a direct result of the packaging, and from there you should decide if the product is for you or not. This was the case for me with the beard oil from Spiced Citrus and Tree Ranger beard oil from comes packaged in this 1 fl oz / 30 ml brown bottle with round smooth edges. The little brown bottle is made of a thicker glass that feels substantial in your hands. The label is a silver label that starts on the front of the bottle of beard oil and wraps around to the back and stops at the same point that it started on the front. I like the way the label doesn’t cover the entire bottle, it’s just enough label with all the information but doesn’t take over the bottle itself The name of the oil is in black lettering and larger size so you can clearly read the label. On the side of the bottle is the Beardbrand logo only.

The has thought of a lot of little things concerning packaging of their product that I like. on top of the 1 fl. oz bottle of beard oil there is a little plastic insert with a hole in it. This helps portion control. Turning the bottle upside down allows it to drip into your hand rather than run uncontrollably. if you want the oil faster just give it a few good shakes. I like this feature however it might be a burden to some. It’s really just a question of personal preference. The exterior lid screws over the top. The other great aspect of this feature is with the thick consistency of the Beardbrand oil and the portion control lid, if you knock your bottle over it wont spill out. Nice!!

So what are my final thoughts on the Spiced Citrus and Tree Ranger beard oil from It’s a Top choice pick for me when it comes to pre-shave oil. The Spiced Cider and Tree Ranger beard oil from has a very pleasing but non aggressive aroma. The consistency is thicker from the aspect of, its more along the lines of a beard conditioner than a pre-shave oil, but it has some of the same properties as a pre-shave oil does. The thickness and skin moisturizing components make this beard oil from Beardbrand a great contender for a place among all of the pre-shave oils. The substantial 1 fl. oz rounded brown bottle feels great in your hands, and, is small enough making storage when not in use less of a hassle. The portion control lid inserted into the bottle makes portion control very manageable and prevents spillage when the bottle is knocked over. A few drops will do you with this great beard oil from

I feel fortunate that the first beard oil products I tested as a pre-shave oil was the Spiced Citrus and Tree Ranger beard oil from their product is fantastic along with their customer service. Even though I may not have a beard I feel fortunate to be amongst the ranks of men who do when using beard oil. The Spiced Citrus and Tree Ranger beard oil from is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day.


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(1.) Feels great on your dome and face.
(2.) Keeps your skin smooth and healthy
(3.) Leaves your skin soft and smooth with extended use.
(4.) Provides a slick surface for shaving to help prevent razor burn, cuts, nicks and scratches, when used as a pre-shave oil
(5.) Can be used as a pre-shave oil or as its intended use as a beard oil. Its your choice.


(1.) May have to shake a few times upside down to get product if you don’t want to wait for each drip.

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