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image was founded in 1996 and quickly established itself as the premier manufacturer of men’s shaving supplies. I found eShave on a website that sells various shaving supplies from shaving cream to shaving brushes. I initially found eShave interesting because of the green and black color scheme with white lettering. I don’t suggest picking a shaving solution solely based on packaging, but I will say that sometimes the right product packaging can help you decide on which product to buy. sells many different products to fit all your shaving needs. eShave’s lineup carries effective products that are clean and pure, formulated with natural and botanical ingredients. eShave’s products contain no animal ingredients, dyes, SLS, SLES or harmful parabens. eShave’s products feel great on your skin and are good for your skin as well. I contacted eShave and my shaving solution was on my doorstep before I knew it.

I had the luxury of trying the White tea shaving cream, pre-shave oil and aftershave cream. Shaving soap is different than shaving cream in consistency. Shaving creams consistency is soft and easy to work with. Shaving cream does not require a hard work up to create a great lather. The trick to shaving cream is to turn the tub upside down and rotate your shave brush in a circular motion loading only the tips of your brush and then transferring it to your shave bowl. Then add several drops of water and work it into a deep creamy lather. If you don’t turn the tub of shaving cream upside down the consistency will weaken when you get water in the tub because shaving cream is soft and doesn’t dry up like shaving soap does. Shaving soap’s consistency is harder and requires a little more work to get the same great lather. You don’t have to turn the tub of shaving soap upside down because the soap dries up in the tub along with any extra shave soap that’s left in the container.

eShave’s Pre-shave oil is not to thin and not to thick. It’s just the right consistency for the pump that distributes the pre-shave oil out of the container. Its portion controlled so with each pump a small amount of pre-shave oil is released from the bottle into your hand. Ten pumps and your hand is full with a great pre-shave oil from eShave that generously coats your dome with a slickened barrier between your skin and the eShave shave cream that adds to the smoothest shave that eShave can give you.  The eShave  White Tea Pre-shave oil’s thickened consistency is definitely a must and a great addition to the eShave shave solution that would make shaver whether its wet, cartridge or straight a happy shaver and even turn someone into an #Everydayshaver and let their inner Bald guy out forever! eShave’s white tea shave soap takes a small amount of product loaded on to the tips of your shave brush to create a rich and creamy lather that fills your shave bowl comfortably with enough lather to coat your dome and face for a nice smooth shave with a deep rich and creamy lather that spreads evenly with a thick consistency that has your razor gliding across your slickened skin leaving your dome nice and smooth every time.

I really enjoyed lathering my dome with this thick and creamy lather provided by the White Tea shave cream by eShave so much, I re-lathered just for the fact of having a generous proportion left after my dome and face shave was over with. eShave White tea shave cream is a product that takes a little amount to provide a large amount of thick creamy lather making the eShave White Tea shave cream a good financial purchase as well. A pro of shaving with shave cream is that you can use either a hard or soft bristled brush, either one that you decide to use will work just fine.

The White Tea shave cream from eShave clings to your brush and fills your bristles of either your hard or soft bristled brush with thick lather and transfer to your dome and face with a thick and creamy application that gives for dome and face a level of smoothness that will make you want to rub your head all night and well into the next day until its time to shave once again with the White Tea shave cream from

I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to like the eShave’s White Tea aftershave cream at first before I even used it. I will admit it I’m a creäture of habit when it comes to some things like shaving products. I wasn’t sure if an aftershave cream was going to be up m alley or not, but, I decided to try it anyways and of course I was wrong. I found out that I really like it. The eShave’s White Tea aftershave cream not only acts as an aftershave but because of it being a cream it also acts as a moisturizer. The eShave White Tea aftershave cream can take the place of your favorite moisturizer if you wanted it to making your post prep shave routine a little faster and a little cheaper I might add. No one says that you have to get rid of your favorite moisturizer, and, if you ask me I would certainly say it’s all about choices. You can always use both, the White Tea aftershave cream and your favorite moisturizer together. Do I think its overkill? nope, not at all, using both just adds an extra layer of protection for your dome and face. It doesn’t matter Whether your aftershave is a splash, liquid or cream, it’s an important aspect of your shaving routine to utilize as your post-prep routine to help fight infection, cuts, scrapes and razor burn. It also helps stop redness caused by those pesky imperfections you may acquire from your shaving experiences and routines. No matter what the form of your aftershave is just use it, it’s always a good idea. The White Tea eShave shave cream and aftershave cream both have an inside lid that fits snug down inside the container. There is a little tab that pops up to make removal easy. The top lid then screws down on top of the container sealing in the product so its nice and creamy for future use. That’s a nice touch

So what are my final thoughts on the eShave White Tea pre-shave, shave cream and aftershave cream? A smooth shave with a nice thick and rich lather that provides a smooth shave every time. The lather produced by the White Tea eShave shave cream is thick and rich, its creamy consistency spreads thick on your dome and face providing a slick surface for your razor to glide easily and effortlessly across your dome leaving behind a soft and smooth dome. The White Tea eShave shave cream, pre-shave oil and aftershave cream is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic  day.


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(1.) eShave provides a nice rich lather the more hot water you use
(2.) eShave’s lather is rich and thick with a good cushion providing a smooth shave every time.
(3.) The rich lather applies to your face and dome in a thick application that creates a slick shaving surface on your dome and face for a smooth outcome.
(4.) Leaves you skin feeling soft and smooth at the end of your shave.


(1.) Pre-shave oil is a little thin, still works well with leaving your skin nice and smooth.

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