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I found Logan Johnson of Axe Point Shaving Co. while searching for shaving solutions to finally rid my dome of that pesky unwanted hair forever. Unfortunately such a thing does not exist at this point, but what I did find is Axe Point Shaving Co. Axe Point makes a Barbershop scented shave soap that reminds you of a time when you might have gone to the barbershop with your dad. If that’s not the case I’m sure you will agree that the Barbershop scented shave soap from Axe Point shaving found here on  just plain smells good. The Barbershop scented shave soap from Axe Point Shaving Co. is a thirsty soap. for best results you soak this puck of shave soap from Axe Point Shaving in hot water for 10 minutes and then “BAM” you get just as much great lather in return. The Barbershop scented shave puck from Axe Point Shaving Co. shrinks a little bit but that doesn’t change the amount or quality of lather you get in return.The lather presented itself as soon as I started swirling my brush in rotations on top of this small but mighty shave puck from Axe Point Shaving Co, then the very small amount of  lather, soon to be large amount of lather, was transferred to my shaving bowl for an effortless work up of a smooth, deep and rich lather that coated my dome and face in a generous but not to rich and thick lather that would satisfy wet shavers and cartridge shavers alike.

The one thing I noticed about the BarberShop shave soap scent from Axe Point Shaving Co. is how clean the lather felt leaving my dome nice and smooth at the end of my shave with this great shave puck from Axe Point Shaving Co. The lather after worked up into the creamy substance of glory it is held firm to my brush and didn’t run off when I sat my brush down inside my bowl for later use. The same lather was still holding onto the bristles of my silver tip badger hair shave brush for the next round of lathering. Out of the whole dome and face shave I had to re-lather a couple of spots more than once. However, this is not a product flaw to me, the shave was nice and smooth without razor burn or cuts present in the final finish of this enjoyable shave courtesy of the Barbershop scented shave soap from Axe Point Shaving Co. I’m sure if you ask any shaver you will find out that a lot of times there is re-lathering for some reason. In my opinion re-lathering should not be the sole reason you decide a shave soap is not for you. You might miss a lot of the good things that particular product may have to offer.

The only problem I see with Axe Point Shaving Co. is not with the shave soap itself, but, with the packaging. I want to first say that the paper it’s packaged in is a quality paper that doesn’t rip easily and the Axe Point Shaving Co. logo is displayed largely on the sticker that covers the top of the packaging. The problem is storage. once the soap is taken out of the package and used, it can’t be repackaged in the same paper. It would be nice to see this great soap from Axe Point Shaving Co. in some kind of tin or container that is tall enough so you can lather the soap inside of the container and when you are done with your shave, just let it dry as is for another shave at a later date

So what are my final thoughts on Barbershop shave soap from Axe Point Shaving Co.? A great shave with a great lather! The Barbershop shave soap from Axe Point Shaving Co. is a thirsty soap that generates a rich lather that coats your dome and face with a lather and slickness that brings out the best shave Axe Point shaving Co. can provide. All that great lather without the razor burn, cuts and scrapes means a great shave that leaves you waiting for the next great shave that only Axe Point Shaving Co. can provide. The Barbershop shave soap from Axe Point Shaving Co. is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


You can find AxePointShavingCo. on these other social media platforms.

(1.) Twitter


(1.) Creates a rich, thick lather with little product needed
(2.) Provides a smooth shave with a great slickness that leaves your face and dome feeling clean and fresh
(4.) The lather clings to your shave brush applying an even coat of lather to your dome and face for a great shave.


(1.) Soap comes in paper packaging, would like to see in a tin for storage after your done shaving, would be great if tin was taller and could be used as bowl at same time.


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