Makes3 organic soap

An organic and natural multipurpose soap



is a company that makes all organic and natural soaps, organic liquid balms, skin balms and lip balms. Makes3.coms products are free of just about anything you can think of gluten, alcohol, GMO free. All their products are also Triclosan, Sulfate & Paraben free, Petroleum and Formaldehyde free as well, and on top of that all their products ship in sustainable Packaging. has also started a program called Share the Suds program. For every 10 bars of soap they sell, they will donate 1 bar to a locally-based non-profit, serving local families in need. is a company that I can stand behind for the fact of the all natural and organic products they make and the share the suds project they have created and promote. Not only is a company that makes all natural and organic products that believe in supporting families in need through donating 1 bar of soap for every 10 bars sold. is also a family run company as well.

I found while looking for another all natural and organic shaving solution to decrease the number of days putting chemicals on my dome. The makes3 family is very friendly with a great Mission as stated on their website as, ” The Makes 3® Mission is to serve families by providing organic lifestyle content and highest quality organic personal care products, delivered with friendly, respectful and responsive service. The family has a great value system as followed and stated on the website as,

Family Comes First: We believe in the Golden Rule so every day we strive to treat others as we, ourselves, would like to be treated.  We respect each other as a loving family in our family business.  We respect our employees as family.  We respect our customers as family.

Quality and Honesty in our Products:  We provide our customers with the highest quality organic lifestyle content and organic personal care products. All of our products are made with organic ingredients and certified organic ingredients, whenever possible, so our customers can have confidence in our claims. All of our products are made with environmentally friendly processes and packaging.

We Reap What We Sow: We give back. We give back to our customers by providing the highest quality content and products and the best service every day.  We give back to our communities by giving soap through our Share the Suds Program, by volunteering and with other philanthropic endeavors.”

Last but not least the family has a great vision as well as  becoming the leading provider of organic lifestyle advice and organic personal care products. One thing is for sure, the family makes a great line of soaps that feel great on your skin with a great lather leaving your skin healthy and smooth.

I had the liberty and honor thanks to the fine folks over at to try 3 different bars of their organic soaps. The Sandalwood Black Pepper, Super Shea and Lavender Vanilla were the three bars that I choose. I specifically described the three as “Bars” and not scents or fragrances since all three bars have little to no fragrance at all making irritation to your skin from fragrance not an issue. Makes3 soap is truly natural, truly organic and alcohol free. soap is multifunctional. I tried each bar in the same fashion and order. I washed my hands with it and then used it in the shower to wash my body and dome with it, and then, I used it to shave my face and dome. One bar to do it all is truly time and cost-effective.

All three truly organic and truly natural bars of soap from functioned and performed in the same way. As a body soap it has a great lather that works well with or without a loofah. The lather is thick and feels great on your skin. After you rinse of you feel clean which is how you want to feel after you take a shower. The bars of soap created a nice thick lather that spreads on thin leaving you to re-lather the same area more than once depending on how fast you shave. I did not have to re-lather my face simply because it does not take long to shave that area. When I shaved my dome I had 1-2 areas were I had to re-lather. Even with the extra re-lather the final outcome was fantastic! My dome felt nice and smooth with a crisp cleanness that I was looking for in a shave soap.

The thick lather filled the bristles of my hard bristled silver tip badger hair shave brush. The lather clung to my shave brush and spread evenly across my dome and face with ease, the thin application might not appeal to some especially if you are a lather happy person. My school of thought is less does not mean less, less can mean more. If the lather is less the cushion and the shave can be more and with the truly organic, truly natural and alcohol free bars of soap from you get exactly that and more. You also get a smooth level of slickness to go along with a smooth shave that leaves your dome and face without traces of razor burn, cuts or scrapes and scratches. I will gladly sacrifice a thick application of lather for a thin application if I get a great cushion and slickness along with an outcome of smoothness regarding  how my dome and skin feel after the shave is done any day of the week.

The bars of multifunctional soap are truly fantastic! the lavender Vanilla, Super Shea and Sandalwood Black Pepper bars all feel truly natural on your skin whether you are washing your hands, body or shaving your dome and face with it. Being truly organic and truly natural and alcohol free makes using the multifunctional bar soap from a truly fantastic idea. The multifunctional aspect of this great bar soap from, hand washing, showering and shaving only proves that this soap saves you time plus money and who wouldn’t want that?

Storage of this soap is also a breeze, the 4oz soaps come packaged in a square box. Not only does this 4oz truly natural and organic bar of soap fit nicely in a shave bowl of your color and choice, it also will stack neatly in your closet or cupboard out-of-the-way until you need it. with the multifunctional and purposeful aspect of the bar soap you could buy 10 bars and cover your personal hygiene needs of hand washing, showering and shaving all year long at a low-cost, a great space-saving product, and, the satisfaction knowing that with the purchase of 10 bars donates 1 bar to a family in need. It’s a win-win situation. The Soap bars from could definitely have a spot in my shaving den with my other favorite products 7 days a week. The bar soap from is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day!


You can find and all their great products on these social media platforms

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(3.) Youtube


(1.) Truly organic, Truly natural and alcohol free meaning less chemicals on your dome.
(2.) Has a great cushion that leaves you dome and face feeling nice and smooth.
(3.) Has a great slickness during your shave that helps prevent razor burn, cuts and nicks
(4.) Provides a smooth shave.
(5.) A multifunctional soap that saves you time and money.
(6.) Does not have a strong Aroma.


(1.) Has a thin lather when applied, may have to re-lather certain areas before shaving again.
(2.) Thin application of lather may turn some shavers away if all they look for is a thick lather and not a great shave.

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