Mr. Fine Aftershave

Mr. Fine feels fine on your skin after shaving!!



Mr. Fine has been around for some time now and if you look around close enough you will see that Mr. Fine aftershave has become a staple in many of wet shavers shaving techniques. The definition of wet shaving is simply shaving while your face is wet. Some could say by that definition that any form of razor shaving is wet shaving. Whether its DE, cartridge or straight razor, however, that last statement is wrong. Wet shaving is a time-honored tradition that has been forgotten after the birth of cartridge shaving. There are pros and cons for both sides of the shaving spectrum, price vs. function vs. comfort are the three areas that come to mind when weighing out the pros and cons in cartridge or DE razor shaving.

I found Mr. Fine while searching for various shaving products. Mr. Fine’s website sells several shaving products. Like I previously stated before Mr. Fine’s aftershave has become a wet shavers favorite and I’m sure it’s also a favorite on the other end of the spectrum as well. I contacted Mr. Fine and we exchanged several friendly emails. It was obvious to me that he stands behind his product and that to me says I’m in for something special in reviewing his product. Mr. Fine’s aftershave is a splash not a balm. An aftershave balm is thick in consistency with a moisturizing effect. An aftershave balm is still an antiseptic that aides in preventing infection, redness or irritation caused by nicks and scrapes from any form of shaving. A splash which is what Mr. Fine’s aftershave consists of is a liquid that also is an antiseptic that provides safety against infection and redness from all those nasty little cuts and scrapes from shaving.

Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash is in liquid form and contains alcohol. You “Dab” or “Splash” it on your face or dome after shaving. Since Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash contains alcohol it may sting a bit if you find any cuts, scrapes or patches of razor burn. The slight sting is comparable to the sting of a styptic pen you use to stop the bleeding from a cut you may get during shaving. Even though a styptic pen and Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash has some of the same characteristics there is a difference. Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash has many different scent’s that smell great in the bottle and on the skin. I had the luxury of trying a few of his splashes. Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash feels clean and smooth rather you Dab it on or splash it on. No matter how you apply it to your dome or face you will be happy that you did. As soon as it’s applied it dries quickly without a tacky or greasy feeling. What’s left is a great sent that’s not overwhelming but makes a statement.

You can use Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash as it’s originally meant to be used as an aftershave splash, you can use it after your post prep shave routine as a finishing scent for your dome and face. Just Dab it on and its a great mild scent to use every day. You can also use it as an aftershave splash then apply your favorite moisturizer. The mild scent of Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash can hide behind your moisturizer or still make a statement. After trying several of Mr. Fine’s aftershave splashes its apparent to me why his products are loved by many wet shavers and all shavers alike. Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash can be used as an aftershave splash or a great scent or both. Little Dabs of his great product for your face and dome is all you need. I feel fortunate enough to have joined the wet shaver’s community and experience Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash for myself. Mr. Fine has a spot in my den of shaving products for future use. Mr. Fine’s aftershave splash is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!



You can find Mr. Fine on these other social media platforms

(1.) Twitter
(2.) Facebook



(1.) Feels great on the skin
(2.) Helps prevent infection, cuts, scrapes and redness caused from shaving.
(3.) Dries quickly after applying it
(4.) Has a great scent, not to overwhelming but makes a presence
(5.) Can be used as its intended or use it as a very light cologne.


(1.) If first time using an aftershave splash, might not be used to the slight sting of an aftershave splash,  it’s easy to get used to.
(2.) Contains alcohol, necessary to help prevent infection from cuts and scrapes caused by shaving, helps prevent redness.


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