Beaver WoodWright

Get your shave smooth with Beaver Woodwright!



I found through and an internet search for custom-made shaving products. specializes in handmade one of a kind shaving brushes and shaving kits that include custom-made handles for Mach 3 and Gillette fusion razors, as well as custom-made handles for DE safety razors. Beaver WoodWright also makes homemade shave soap, shavebalm and pre-shave oil. All of the shave soap is made in small batches to ensure you are getting the very best of Beaver WoodWright shaving product. Beaver WoodWright is very friendly and great on customer service. The craftsmanship in their products really show through with their very prompt response from my initial email to their friendly ongoing emails making sure I received their product in the mail, and last but not least the great shave that Beaver Woodwright shaving products provide.

In the package of Beaver WoodWright shaving products I received several items. Their amazing shave soap that works best with a hard bristled brush, a bottle of their aftershave balm that feels great after a shave with the Beaver WoodWright shave soap, and, a bottle of their pre-shave shaving oil that has a great consistency and takes a little amount of product to coat your dome and face. has a pre-shave oil with a thick consistency that coats you dome and face nicely with just 10-15 drops. rub it into your dome and face, add a little water until it beads up and you’re in business. I’m a firm believer in pre-shave oil. I think daily use of pre-shave oil with a moisturizer used at the end of your shaving only adds to healthier skin on your dome and face. The pre-shave oil from Beaver WoodWright is a pre-shave oil that I could get used to using on a daily basis.

Beaver WoodWright shave soap spreads on thin but produces a thick lather with a small amount of product. The thick lather has a slight slickness that provides a small cushion and  is more than enough product to provide a great shave for your dome and face. If for some reason you start to run out, no problem, just add a couple of drops of water and re-lather. One thing is for certain, the shave soap from Beaver WoodWright  feels very smooth on your dome and face. Once you use the shave soap from Beaver WoodWright  you’re going to ask your self why you waited so long to try it. My dome felt great after each shave with zero razor burn, cuts or nicks I felt very comfortable using Beaver WoodWright shave soap. I’m very satisfied with how my dome looks after shaving with their product. I think the end result of any dome shave is just as important as the beginning and middle. You want the whole experience to feel great with a smooth looking dome after the shave is completed. Soft with a smooth feeling is what I’m looking for. Beaver WoodWright has accomplished that for me.

BeaverWoodWright.coms aftershave balm has a thick consistency that has a cooling sensation when rubbed on your dome and face. Aftershave is used as a preventative for cuts and nicks you may get during shaving. Aftershave helps prevent infection and redness that cuts and nicks can cause by constricting the blood vessels in your dome and face. It’s an antiseptic that may or may not contain alcohol. If you’re not sure if an aftershave contains alcohol or not you will quickly find out the first time you use it by the stinging or burning it may cause after applying it to your dome or face. The aftershave from is alcohol free leaving your dome and face feeling nice and fresh and moisturized as well. You can still apply your favorite moisturizer as well when the aftershave soaks into the skin.

So what are my final thoughts on shaving products? I think all three products by themselves feel great on the skin and would be a great additive to any shave den. All three shaving products used together as a shaving routine would only enhance your shaving experience and take it to the next level. The shaving products leave my dome nice and soft with a shiny glow. The shaving products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results, have a #Baldtastic day.



(1.) The shave soap feel great on the skin, provides a smooth shave.
(2.) The pre-shave oil has a thick consistency provides a slick coating underneath the shave soap.
(3.) The aftershave balm has a thick consistency that has a cooling effect on your dome and face.
(4.) All three products used together provide a great shave leaving your skin soft and smooth with a great shine.
(5.) No nicks, cuts or razor burn.


(1.) Shave soap spreads on thin, may be to thin for some, but provides a slick surface for a great shave.

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