A great shave is what you get with Alluvian!


I found Alluvian on Facebook and In case you don’t know what is, it’s a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items. It’s a great website to find what you need or what you are looking for at a better price. The customer service is better when you are dealing with home based businesses as well. I contacted Alluvian because I thought the shaving soap in a wooden bowl would be something I would like. The brush that came along with it was an added bonus. Alluvian sells handmade Caravel Silver tip badger hair shave brushes made from Broadleaf maple, Walnut and Mahogany. Alluvian also sells hand-made shave soap sold in a wooden bowl. The lid sits on top of the  wooden bowl and  has his logo on it for a touch of class. We exchanged a couple of friendly emails, and before I knew it I had a package from Alluvian on my doorstep. I was looking forward to reviewing his product. Even after the shave soap is gone you can use the wooden bowl for something else. That’s a bonus in my book. The shaving bowl is light but feels substantial in my hands. It feels like a bowl that will last.

What I like about the shave brush from Alluvian is that it feels soft on your skin. The silver tip badger hair  bristles are soft but strong soaking up the lather produced from the shave soap and delivering it to your dome. The silver tip badger hair distributes the shave soap or cream evenly with a generous coat providing a great shave. This shave brush from Alluvian works well with shave soap or soft shaving cream. The more I use this silver tip badger hair brush from Alluvian the more I like it. The handle of this silver tip badger hair shave brush from Alluvian is just the right size for every day use. I have had no problems with handling it. Ease of use and  maneuverability with this brush is also noticeable as you use it to apply whatever shaving product you are using for your daily shave routine, be it soap or cream. The silver tip badger hair shave brush from Alluvian is also flat on the bottom making it easy to find a place to sit the brush when not in use, as well as, with a full brush of shaving product. You can still sit this brush on the counter when it’s not in use and not worry about losing product running down the handle, you don’t need a bowl to rest it in. This brush is quickly becoming on of my favorite brushes.

Not all soaps are going to lather the same. Some shave soaps have a thick lather with less of a cushion and not as smooth as a shave as you would have hoped for. Some shave soaps have a rich lather and produce a smooth shave but with less of a cushion. All shave soaps are different in one way shape or form. The shave soap from Alluvian has a thick lather but applies a thin coating. Alluvian’s shave soap has a nice cushion. You still feel the razor across your dome shaving away the hair with a dull feeling. What’s left is smoothness. It takes a little bit of work to attain a thick lather with Alluvian’s shave soap, however, it’s easy to attain a thick lather once it’s in your shave bowl. If it looks like you are going to run out, just re-work the lather up again. You always get a nice creamy consistency with Alluvin’s shave soap. The only way I can describe the scent of Alluvian’s shave soap is pleasant and very faint. You really don’t notice the smell which is ok with me.

So what are my final thoughts on Alluvian’s shave brush and shaving soap combo? The shave brush and soap combo is a must. You can’t have one without the other to get the full experience that Alluvian has to offer. The brush is soft and feels great on your skin while applying the shave soap to your dome and face. The shave soap has a thick lather with a thin application. Make no mistake it’s still a close shave with a lot of smoothness afterwards. After the last of the shave soap is gone you still have a wooden bowl for storage and a very nice Alluvian shave brush for the second time around with a different Alluvian shave soap. It’s a win-win situation. The shave brush and shave soap combo from Alluvian is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day



(1.) Shave soap and brush combo
(2.) Shave brush works well with Shave soap, creates a thick lather.
(3.) The silver tip badger hair shave brush is soft and soaks up the lather.
(4.) The shave soap has a nice cushion and provides a smooth shave
(5.) Once the shave soap is gone you have a wooden bowl for storage.


(1.) Thin lather but spreads evenly and promotes a smooth shave
(2.) The lid of the bowl the shave soap came in doesn’t fit tightly on it, no biggie! no complaints here, might bother some other folks but not this Bald guy!

You can find Alluvian on these other social media platforms

(1.) FaceBook

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