The Soaking Tub

Hand made shaving cream that provides a great shave!!



I found the soaking tub on, a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies. is a great website to find shaving products made by home based businesses. After a couple of friendly emails regarding shaving creams, soaps and other shaving products, I received a package containing shaving cream with a shaving brush. Shaving cream is softer than shaving soap. Shaving soap is a solid mass that requires a shaving brush to work up a lather for shaving. Some shave soaps produce a thick rich lather while others may produce a thinner lather. All shaving soaps produce a different kind of lather, and, what works for one might not work for another. Shaving cream is a softer mass that does not necessarily require a shave brush to work up a lather. You basically have two choices when using a shaving cream, you can either use a shaving brush and a bowl to work up a good lather, or, you can work a lather up in the palm of your hand and apply it to your dome that way. I prefer the shave bowl method. You get a better lather and half of your product doesn’t go down the drain from rinsing it off your hand.

The soaking tub shaving cream is soft, it’s not a shaving soap so the technique of loading your brush with this marvelous shaving cream is a different technique compared to loading your brush with shaving soap. To load your brush with the soaking tub shaving cream your going to want to turn the tub of shaving cream upside down and rotate your brush lightly into the cream itself. You don’t need a lot of this great shaving cream from the soaking tub to get the job done. Why turn it upside down you ask? Since its shaving cream its softer, if you get water in the container with the shaving cream it doesn’t dry out and your creams consistency becomes watered down making creating a good lather very difficult. With shaving soap, since it’s a hard mass, whatever lather is left in the container will soak back into the soap. The Soaking Tub’s shaving cream “Barber Shoppe” scent feel great on your dome. It only takes a small amount of this shaving cream in your shaving bowl to work up a great lather that delivers a smooth shave with an excellent cushion to add to it. The lather spreads evenly an nicely. The lather itself is thin but provides a smooth shave. after my shave with “Barber Shoppe” from the soaking tub was done my dome was left with a baby soft smooth feeling to the touch. I had zero razor burn, cuts, nicks or scrapes.

“Barber Shoppe” shaving cream from the soaking tub also came with a brush as well which was a nice touch. The brush is a hard bristled brush which works well with shaving cream or shaving soap. A harder bristled brush feels like a massage on your dome as you swirl the lather around on your dome. It also acts as an exfoliation technique as well. The lather that the soaking tub shaving cream produced loaded into the brush nicely. Even thought the lather was thinner when applied to my dome and face. the lather itself was thick and stayed in the brush even with the brush turned upside down when not in use. The brush from The Soaking Tub is a brush that I will use for a long time and will gladly keep on my shelf of shaving supplies. makes a great shaving cream that feels great on your dome and provides a smooth shave. It doesn’t take a lot of product to get a good lather that coats your whole dome and face. Meaning more product for later and more money in your pocket. The “Barber Shoppe” shaving cream from is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your product and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day!



(1.) Soft shaving cream lathers well.
(2.) Takes less product to create a thick lather
(3.) Has a nice cushion while shaving.
(4.) Dome feels soft and smooth after shaving.


(1.) If you don’t turn container of shaving cream upside down to load brush, water gets into the container and may water shaving cream down changing the consistency of the shaving cream.

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