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image sells limited shaving products, in other words, What they make today may not be for sale tomorrow or the next day. In my opinion this is the mark of a true craftsman. producing great shave soaps to keep it fresh is what keeps shavers like me coming back for more. It means their website has fresh content and if you are a fan which may be the case after reading this review, you might find yourself checking their website periodically to see what’s new.

I found Tabor Keeton on and was attracted to their product by the bright red container the after shave balm came in. I said to my self, this looks interesting and contacted them through email. Their response time was quick and I got a very friendly email by them and I knew I made the right decision. Before I knew it, my package of Tabor Keeton products was waiting for me to review. The lime scent shaving puck from Tabor Keeton was initially very strong. As soon as I unwrapped it the strong aroma died down instantly leaving behind a nice lime aroma that I’ve very quickly came to appreciate. I’ve had this happen with many of the shaving products I’ve gotten through the mail. I think that the aroma builds up in the container because it has no where else to go until its unwrapped and the strong aroma dissipates quickly.

The lime scented shaving puck from is small enough to fit in one of my older containers dedicated to shaving soap. Make no mistake, just because the shaving puck from is smaller it does not mean that you get less for your money. Tabor Keeton sends a letter with his product explaining you only need an almond size piece of his lime scented shave soap to get a good lather.

I didn’t cut off an almond size amount of the shave soap to test this out. It did however only take three good swirls of my shave brush to get a good lather started, I transferred the lather to my shave bowl and continued to build the lather into a thick rich lather that was plenty for my dome and my face. I would say less than what he stated is needed to get a great shave. The lather rested evenly on my dome with a good cushion but I still felt the razor shaving the hair away but with zero irritation, it was more of a dull feeling. there was zero irritation, nicks, cuts, or scrapes afterwards. The thick rich lather did not dry out during shaving and I did not have to re-lather during my shave which made my shaving ritual faster. The shaving brush I choose had softer bristles with a wide coverage area. My shaving brush soaked up the lather and delivered it to my dome nicely. I’m impressed with Tabor Keeton’s lime shaving soap and will soon acquire more for shaving.

Tabor Keeton’s aftershave balm is nice and thick and covers you dome and face nicely, meaning,  you need less for more coverage. It doesn’t contain alcohol so it doesn’t burn or sting. The aftershave balm by moisturizes at the same time so you could use it for both an aftershave balm and a moisturizer and save some time in the bathroom simply because you just apply it once and it accomplishes two tasks. There is a slight greasiness at first after applying the aftershave balm. It quickly soaks into the skin leaving your dome fresh and ungreasy.  It also comes in this bright red container so if you’re a fan of bright red this is right up your alley. So what are my final thoughts of the lime scented shaving puck and aftershave balm by I like his products. I knew right away after the first time that I used the shave puck and aftershave balm that I liked his product. That to me tells me that they are doing something right at If you like a product after the first time you use it, then you know you have found a product you will reuse.

The shave puck has a great lime scent that does not overpower you or your bathroom after using it. It takes a small amount of product to cover you dome and face with a great lather without the need of re-lathering the same spot for shaving. The lime scented shaving puck from is small enough to fit in a different container for easy storage. The aftershave balm is has a thick consistency that requires a small amount of product to nicely coat your dome and face. The lime scented shave puck and aftershave balm from will make a nice addition to my shave den for further reuse. The Tabor Keeton products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day.



(1.) takes minimal product to create thick rich lather that covers dome and face.
(2.) Lather feels smooth and  soothing on dome and face
(3.) Aroma of soap does not linger in bathroom after shave is done
(4.) Pre-shave oil and lather help prevent razor burn, cuts, nicks.
(5.) Aftershave balm has thick consistency, needs a little product for coverage of dome and face.
(6.) Aftershave balm acts as moisturizer as well. Leaves your dome nice and smooth.


(1.) Initial aroma very strong, may be two strong for some, strong aroma dissipates quickly.
(2.) Aftershave balm has short greasy feeling once applied, soaks into skin quickly and greasy feeling disappears.

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