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COL. ICHABOD CONK products. INC. has been in business for 30 years. Their world-famous Glycerin Shave Soap and fine grooming products for men and woman alike are loved by many. Colonel Conk didn’t rely on social media top make their company the shaving giant that it is today. They practiced good old-fashioned strong work ethic and word of mouth to get the word out about their what know is world-famous shaving products. Colonel Conk shaving products are all over the web. There are many shaving product reviews about their product. I haven’t read all of them but I can pretty much guess that they all talk about how great and easy their products are to use everyday and how great they make you feel everyday. Colonel Conk primarily sells through their website I found their website while searching for shaving products.

I exchanged several emails with Sondre Loberg of Colonel Conk. Sondre is an example of one of the many great reasons you would want to buy and use their products. His customer service is a step above the rest and his friendly presence says “I believe in this product and so will you” He’s a great guy and valuable asset to Colonel Conk. Sondre has a way of making you feel important to the Colonel Conk family of fine products. I’m sure that kind of friendly atmosphere is partially the reason that Colonel Conk is were/how and what it is today a giant in the shaving industry. If you ever get a chance to talk to Sondre Loberg tell him I sent you!

Before I knew it my package of Colonel Conk products arrived at my doorstep and the box was full of these great products. They are all packaged in this very nice shade of blue. The DE safety razor is all stainless steel which looks very nice sitting in front of the other products packaged in blue. The Colonel Conk Glycerine shave soap “Rio Grande Lavender” feels exceptionally smooth on your Dome and Your face. The puck lathers nicely, and the more swirls of your favorite shave brush the thicker the lather gets. However, you don’t need a deep lather to achieve a smooth shave with Colonel Conk. The Glycerine shave puck packs a punch with a smooth shave no matter if you want a thin lather or a deep thick lather. Either way you wont be disappointed with the Glycerine shave puck “Rio Grande Lavender” from Colonel Conk. An added bonus is, the shave puck is just the right size to fit in the bottom of my shave mug. Whatever lathering mood strikes your fancy weather it’s a deep and rich lather, or, more on the lighter side, the  Colonel Conk Glycerine puck “Rio Grande” provides a smooth and comforting shave with just a touch of lavender for fragrance. The aroma is very faint but noticeable. I really enjoy shaving with their product. Colonel Conk is definitely a product that I will keep on my list of products to stock my shaving cabinet with.

The Colonel Conk shaving products feel great on your skin before/during and after shaving. The after shave lotion “High Desert Breeze” is made of tee-tree oil and Eucalyptus, it has a nice calming effect on your skin and still helps prevent infection of cuts and nicks  just like an after shave should do. I think an aftershave in a balm form is less invasive for your skin,  it can act as a moisturizer as well. The “High Desert Breeze” after shave Balm from Colonel Conk has found a permanent residence in my shaving cabinet among my other favorite shaving products. The original Pre-shave oil from Colonel Conk has a thicker consistency with a mint aroma to it as well. A little dab will do you, just add a couple of drops of  water and the pre-shave oil from Colonel Conk spreads nicely across your Dome, give your dome a quick massage to work the pre-shave oil in for the maximum benefits of a smoother shave with a smoother scalp after better skin care after your done shaving and throughout the day. The pre-shave oil and “High Desert Breeze” Tee-tree and eucalyptus combo from colonel Conk are a nice addition to add to your post-prep shaving routine to help keep your skin nice and healthy to let the inner Bald guy out at any given time of the day. With this DE safety razor #718 from Colon Conk brings old school shaving to your bathroom everyday of the week. This is my first DE safety razor and I’m already DE razor only on the face.

This Colonel Conk #718 DE safety razor will change my shaving routine forever!!



I’ve never shaved with a safety razor before. Fact of the matter is ive always been scared to try one. You hear horror stories of people taking chunks skin out of their face or Dome. Over the past year ive wanted to try a DE razor for a couple of reasons. It’s cheaper to shave with a DE razor than a cartridge razor. A package of razor blades for a DE razor can cost different amounts of money. An average cost for good razor blades is any were from $1.00-$5.00 for a package of 5 blades and each blade gives you between 5-8 shaves. So for $1-$5 dollars you can get up to 30-40 shaves. Cartridge razors cost $20-$30 for a package of 4 cartridges. There are a lot of variables with those numbers above. Such as, how many times a week do you shave? How many times a week do you shave both your face and Dome? how often do you buy razor blades.

A DE safety razor shave doesn’t pull the hair on your face like a cartridge razor does, it cuts the hair close to your skin without pulling it. With a DE razor you use the weight of the razor itself for pressure you don’t push the razor into your skin like you do with a cartridge razor. A DE shave takes longer than a cartridge razor does, but, the benefits far outweigh the costs. I’m on the fence I like both kinds. I have yet to really start shaving my dome with  DE safety razor and it will be a while before I master it. The #718 DE safety razor from Colonel Conk also came with a package of Gillette silver blue, the  blades are  5 to a pack. From what I understand these blades are perfect for beginners to learn with. When the light shines on the razor the right way the blue really stands out making the razor stand out. The handle to the Colonel Conk #718 is heavy but not to heavy making shaving relaxing and not to strenuous on your hands. The handle has a good grip on it and it doesn’t slip while using it. The head of the Colonel Conk #718 DE safety razor screws of, take the very top of the head of to insert your razor blade and then screw the head back on top of the handle. There is not an adjustment for blade length, but, the blade sticks out at just the right length for shaving. The top of the head is etched with the Colonel Conk logo adding a hint of class to this great DE safety razor. I’m glad that the Colonel Conk #718 DE safety razor is my first safety razor. No matter what DE razor im using in the future, this will always be my go to razor for future references.

So what are my final thoughts about the shaving Products from Colonel Conk? Colonel Conk makes fantastic shaving products. The pre-shave oil is the right consistency. The after shave lotion feels great on my Dome after shaving and the Glycerine shave puck lathers nicely and provides a great shave. You definitely will not go wrong when shaving with Colonel Conk products. I can definitely see why Colonel Conk has been in business for 30 years, and, if you used Colonel Conk shaving products you would also. Colonel Conk shaving products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the result and have a #Baldtastic day!

You can find Colonel Conk shaving products here at


(1.) Feels great on the skin
(2.) Glycerine puck provides smooth shave with deep or a shallow
(3.) Colonel Conk shaving products compliment each other
(4.) Colonel Conk pre-shave oil adds extra moisturizing to your scalp.


(1.) Needs more social media so can be found easier. Word of mouth has done great for their product.

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