St. James of London

A classy shave is what St. James of London gives you!


image established in 1953 is a website that sells mens shaving products. There are many websites out there today that sell the same products but not every product is made from the same mold. St. James of London is a company that strives to provide a classy shave at a great price and that’s exactly what they have done. I found during one of my web searches for shave soap. I do a lot of searching for shave soap and I have found a lot of great companies that provide a great product. is one of those companies that I have described. Their shave soap and oils provide a nice smooth classy shave that is a step above the rest.

I contacted Todd from  through email and he responded very quickly. He was very polite, very helpful and on board with a product review. my package of St. James of London seemed to arrive at my house very quickly. Todd’s great customer service and friendly presence is what makes this Bald guy want to continue to use products and keep their products as an everyday staple in my shave routine. If you ever get a chance to talk to Todd from you will see why he must be an important and vital addition to their team and that’s one of the reasons why is a class act that has great reviews online.

As you  can see by the picture above I’m missing a bowl. That’s because with St. James of London there is no bowl necessary. You can certainly use one if it strikes your fancy, but you don’t need one. In fact St. James of London would prefer you not to. some of their shaving product was designed for a bowel less shave. The shave cream comes in a 2.5 FL OZ squeezable tube, You turn your brush bristles up and squeeze a little bit on top of the bristles. Then you apply the brush to your face/dome or both in a circular position working up a rich lather.

The only real problem I had with this method is that if you water log your brush before you applied the cream, once you turn your brush right side up all the water runs down on top of your head and into your face. There’s and easy fix to that, don’t water log your brush, just lightly wet it and you will be fine. I did not have the same problem when I applied it to my face. That was an easy fix.

The Thick rich lather from the “Cedarwood & Clarysage” collection of St. James of London nestles into the bristles of your brush and doesn’t stray as if it were meant to be there all along. The lather is thick and rich but foamy as well with very little dissipation. I applied it by brush to my dome and face and waited to see if it disappears. The Cedarwood & Clarysage shave soap from St. James of London stayed right were it needed to. Even with my shave brush sitting right side up the, thick rich lather maintains its stay within the bristles of my brush. With  the “Cedarwood & Clarysage” shave soap A little goes along way. The lather evenly spreads over your dome and your face with little pressure making the lather on the loaded brush more than enough to get the job done.

“Cedarwood & Clarysage” from is not overbearing but yet has a great presence while you are using it. “Cedarwood & Clarysage” makes a modest lasting impression weather you’re in the middle of your shaving routine, or, out and about making best use of your time during the day. The aroma of the “Cedarwood & Clarysage” is faint but everlasting until the end of your day leaving you coming back for more. The post shave gel has a nice calming feel to it and also has a great aroma as well.

The “Cedarwood & Clarysage” post-shave gel from comes in a 1.69 FL OZ squirt thick glass container that feels solid as a rock. I’ve dropped it once or twice already and haven’t gotten a scratch on it. Now that’s what I call solid as a rock. The squirter  at the top  releases a small amount making it portioned control for Bald guys like me with heavy hands.

So what’s my final thoughts on the “cedarwood & Clarysage”  fragranced shaving cream and post-shave gel from A classy shave all the way. From the moment you search on their great website to the great customer service Todd provided to the quick delivery and well made packaging the product comes in, it has class written all over it. It’s a smooth shave that requires a small amount of product for a thick and rich lather that will make you want to use St.JamesofLondon day after day. My shaving routine can only get better when using these products. The “Cedarwood & Clarysage” products from is BaldNation approved for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the result and have a #Baldtastic day.


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(1.) You don’t need a bowl to shave with.
(2.) Need very little product for a great lather.
(3.) Takes little product to cover Dome and face.
(4.) Provides a great smooth shave.
(5.) Has a pleasant smell that’s not too strong.


(1.) Turning brush right side up after adding water and product may
lead to water and product in face, easy fix, don’t water log your
brush before turning right side up


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