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Pacific feels great on your skin!!


I’ve been a fan of the  Pacific natural  shaving cream for a while now, it’s a go to in my shave den of products so I can have choices of what to shave with. I have my favorites but don’t pledge 100% to one product. Why?, because I like to have choices of what product to shave with. It keeps my shaving ritual fresh and stops it from getting stale. It also gives me options to choose from if I run out of one product and my local market does not carry what I want. Its kind of a fail proof system. I was surfing the web one day not to long ago and I saw an advertisement for the caffeinated shaving cream by, I thought it looked interesting so I emailed the company and got a really quick response from Stan of Stan was polite and courteous in his response to my email and before I knew it I had the caffeinated products in my hand.

Pacific shaving has a lot of information on their new caffeinated shaving cream on their website found here, but, let me give you a quick run down on what information you will find their. The Pacific caffeinated shaving cream is:

Fortified with:

  • Antioxidant-rich, naturally-derived caffeine
  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • Aloe and spearmint

Pacific shaving also goes on to explain why caffeinated shaving products are a good thing and  they provide a link to 10 reasons why caffeine is a health benefit. You can find all this information by following this link Pacific shaving has a lot of information on their new caffeinated shaving cream that is useful and will answer a lot of your questions of why caffeinated shaving cream. Out of all of the useful information on website, I think the statement that grabs me the most is the statement “It can penetrate skin and absorb into your blood: start your morning with a kick!” That says to me, This stuffs got a kick.

A little dab will do you with caffeinated shaving cream. Pacific caffeinated shaving cream works well when your either lathering up your head with your hands or using a bowl and brush to work up a good lather. Either way you wont be disappointed no matter which way you decide to apply Pacific caffeinated shaving cream to your dome for your shave of the night. One of the first things I noticed that was different from the all natural shaving cream by was a slight aroma of spearmint, it reminded of Wrigley spearmint gum.

My first couple of lathers was with a brush. The lather was soothing and spread evenly across my dome. My razor glided across my head with minimal to no drag at all. There was no dissipation of lather and when I started on a new section of my Dome it only took a couple of quick swirls with my brush to coat the section of my head that needed covering. A great benefit of using a brush is the lather stays on the bristles of the brush and not on your hands saving time and product leaving more money in your pocket.

I also tried lathering my dome with my hands instead of my brush. The caffeinated shaving cream lathered but not in the same as it did with a brush. The caffeinated shaving cream coated my dome but not in the same form of the thick lather that coated my dome after using a brush. The shave was good, nice and smooth minimal to no drag with out cuts and nicks. No matter which way you decide to apply the caffeinated shaving cream from you wont be disappointed.

The caffeinated shaving cream from is a concentrated formula that comes in a three ounce bottle which means it’s TSA travel friendly, you can carry it on airplanes without hassle. Even though its concentrated I have heavy hands so I always use more than I should, I use too much product from the start. Pacific shaving cream is also not marketed to head shavers, it’s marketed to men for face shaving, I just like to test the bounds of products sometimes and the caffeinated shaving cream from passes the test everytime. The robust shaving creams and after shave from will please even the pickiest of shavers.

The caffeinated shaving cream by is a robust shaving cream that can fulfill a lot of shavers needs and then some. The caffeinated shaving cream by has a permanent place inside my cabinet of shaving products. No matter if you use a brush to whip up a good lather or just apply it by hand, the caffeinated shaving cream by is a smooth shave that leaves all the cuts and nicks of your dome and out of the picture. Pacific shaving cream definitely makes this Bald guy happy and is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Remember to love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day.

You can find Pacific shaving on these social media platforms

2.) @Pacificshaving
3.)  FaceBook



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