Barrister and Mann “CHESHIRE”

A great shave with CHESHIRE!!



I was searching the web for my next product review. I found a website that sells a variety of shaving products. This is where I found I visited their site and decided that “CHESHIRE” one of the shave soaps from would be my next product review. with only one friendly email I was reassured that my product was on the way to my house, the customer service provided by Will Carius the founder and president was top-notch and other companies should take notice at how Will takes great care of his customers. If you want to be treated like royalty Will Carius knows just how to make you feel like a valued customer. Barrister & Mann is a company that launched on March 18, 2013 from Boston, MA, they manufacture shave soaps and splashes. It was a small company that has flourished through the hard work of Will Carius, the  Founder & President of Barrister & Mann sells shave soap tallow or vegan, after shave, Beard oil and other products to suite any wet shaver or Bald Guy that wants his inner Bald Guy to come out and play.

The fragarance “CHESHIRE” from has an aromatic scent that’s pleasing to the senses but not overwhelming as well. With only a couple of drops of water and a couple of good swirls in the container of “CHESHIRE” and your loading your brush with a rich lather of goodness that coats your dome with a thickness that provides a nice smooth shave. My shave brush loaded with lots of “CHESHIRE” from Barristerand stayed loaded until the very end of my shaving experience with “CHESHIRE” from, The rich thick lather spreaded evenly across my dome with little effort of my shave brush and there was very little dissipation in between applications to different areas of my dome.Barrister and mann “CHESHIRE” provides a great shave with little effort from the thick and rich lather that makes Barristerand Mann a great shave soap for any Bald Guys shaving den, and, after your done shaving and you want that little extra try the splash from Barrister&Mann as well, you will be glad you did.

Barrister & Mann shave soap comes packaged in a pearl white container with the logo on top including the scent of the product itself, on the side of the container lists the ingredients of the soap itself and also a reassuring label of humanity that reads This label tells me that there is no animal testing with this product and that makes this Bald Guy happy! So whats my final thoughts on “CHESHIRE” for A great product that provides a great shave for your face and dome alike. A shave soap that moisturizes your scalp as well as gives your dome a nice smooth feel at the very end. You can find Barrister&Mann @ Barrister& and on twitter @BarristerMann and on facebook at Barrister and mann. Barrister&Mann “CHESHIRE” is  approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results! Have a #Baldtastic day


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1.) has an aromatic smell that’s not overwhelming
2.) very little water needed to work up a rich thick lather
3.) the container the soap is packaged in has room to lay your brush
when not in use during shaving.
4.) Provides a nice close, smooth shave.

1.) Not sold in stores


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