The Smooth Shave Gel

 Staying smooth with Smooth Shave!



Im always on the hunt for new products to try because I love being an everyday shaver with a smooth shiny Dome. I found @Thesmoothshave shave gel while searching online for shaving cream  and went directly to their website The website is very thorough about their 3 in 1 shave, after shave and skin conditioner product and how to use it. You can read all the directions found (here) or you can always just read the directions on the back of the bottle. @Thesmoothshave has a lot of information on their product easily found on their website or on the back of the bottle itself. Before I go any further I have to tell you that @Thesmoothshave does not market their product to Bald men. You certainly can use it to shave your dome but it is not marketed to the Bald Lifestyle. @Thesmoothshave emphasizes the fact that their shave gel needs no water during shaving. The gel moistens the skin for a smooth shave leaving behind hardly any residual residue on your razor making the need for rinsing unnecessary.

Yep, that’s right I said no rinsing of your razor until the end of your shave. says we shouldn’t have to rinse our razor until after your done shaving. I will confirm the last statement regarding your face. The first time I shaved with Thesmoothshave I shaved my face first and the only thing left in the sink was the hair from my face. When it comes to shaving your head with @Thesmoothshave the results are similar but different at the same time. The layer of gel used for the head is a little thicker and you have to rinse your razor a couple of times because of the larger area you are shaving. Even with rinsing my razor a couple of times the only particles that were trapped inside my razor was hair particles, no gel at all in the sink.

If you are asking yourself where is the extra cream or suds? your definitely not going to find any of that with @Thesmoothshave. When they say no need to rinse your razor until the end they mean it. I previously stated that @Thesmoothshave was a 3 in 1 system of shave, aftershave and skin conditioner all in one. After your done shaving and rinsed off you can use the same shave gel as a moisturizer for your dome and face. The shave gel feels a little tacky at first when applied as a moisturizer but after 60 seconds the gel soaks into the skin and is nothing but smoothness afterwards. The shave gel has a pleasant faint citrus smell to it. This is what my scalp looked like after @Thesmoothshave was applied as a moisturizer. The Smoothshave gel will save you a lot of room in your overnight bag when going on trips since it’s a shave gel and moisturizer in one tube, they also come in packets that are good for several shaves. Perfect for any day or overnight trip or vacation you have planned.

So what are my final thoughts on 3 in 1 shaving solution? If you are a soaps and suds kind of guy,  this is not the solution for you. @Thesmoothshave gel neither lathers or foams when used. If you want a product that you can see when applied to your face or scalp this is also not the shaving solution you are looking for. @Thesmoothshave gel only takes a thin layer applied to the face and a thicker layer to the scalp to get the job done. Even with the thicker layer to your scalp its still unnoticeable.

If you are looking for a new shave gel that is a different shaving experience,  than @Thesmoothshave  shave gel is the right shaving solution for you. The @TheSmoothshave shave gel does provide a nice smooth shave without the need of lathering soaps or suds. the added shave and moisturizer in one tube makes it a financial savings  as well as easy storage. The other aspect I like is you can either use it strictly for a moisturizer or a shave gel its your choice. For the individual looking for one shaving solution this could be it. So would I use this product again? would I keep it in my cabinet along with my other shaving products? the answer is yes I would, it’s all about choices of which shaving products to use from one night to the next. With a product like @Thesmoothshave shave gel it gives you exactly that. One smooth shave! This product is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Remember, love your products and you will love the result. Have a #Baldtastic day

1.) Only requires a small amount of gel for a smooth shave
2.) The gel soaks into the scalp moistening the hair for decreased
razor burn, cuts and nicks
3.) No need for rinsing while shaving face, minimal rinsing during
head shave.
4.) No lather, suds or soaps in the sink, smoothshave soaks into the
scalp leaving behind very little to no mess.
5.) Smoothshave is both a shave gel and moisturizer in one
tube taking less space in the cabinet and saving you money for
only needing to buy one tube.
6.) Has a nice faint citrus smell that’s not overwhelming.

1.) May take once or twice to get use to shaving with.
2.) The lack of lather may turn other shavers away from product
3.) Has a tacky feeling at first as a moisturizer, but subsides to
smoothness in a short time span.

You can find TheSmoothShave shave gel here at, use the code BALDNATION for an additional 20% off until March 31.

Helping to bring the Bald community closer together.


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