My shaving ritual and routine.

Being an every day shaver makes me passionately Bald!!


I’ve been living the Bald Lifestyle passionately for almost as long as I had hair before. I’ve changed my shaving routine and rituals  many times for many improvements from decreasing razor burn to decreasing time and expenses as well.

One thing has always stayed the same no matter how many changes I’ve made in the past, I have always loved shaving and living the Bald lifestyle. Why?, because you own your Baldness once you accept it. Once you accept your baldness by choice or by natures choice it’s like starting life over again. Some say life begins after 40, I say life begins after you start living the Bald Lifestyle.

This is my current routine as follows for shaving it all off.

1. Shower-The hot water during the shower loosens the scalp and
hair for a smoother shave, some guys shave in the
shower to save time.

2. Exfoliate-I exfoliate in the shower to loosen the scalp and scrub
away dead skin. My scalp always feels smoother after I exfoliate
in the shower.

3. Extra hot water-Out of the shower I add additional hot
water to my scalp before shave oil to help open up the pores on
my scalp for the shaving oil to soak in to add extra glide and
moisturizing effects before I start shaving.

4. Shave oil-Add a couple of drops of shave oil to your scalp before
applying either shaving cream or soap for an extra glide to
decrease risk of razor burn, cuts and scrapes.

5. Shave-shave head with and against the grain for smoothness, I
use  a shaving brush now for every shave, I actually use less
product that way. If I use shaving soap whatever is left I let it dry
in the container its in and its there for later.

6. fine tune-I run my fingers over my scalp with light pressure
finding the spots I missed and re-shave those little/big spots.

7. Shave face-Shave my face with same razor and cream or soap to
save time and money.

8. Rinse & exfoliate-Jump back in the shower rinse head, exfoliate
for the second time clearing away any extra dead skin cells left
and extra product leaving a nice smooth feel on my dome.

9. Moisturize-Use the moisturizer of my liking to rehydrate and
moisturize the scalp with a non-greasy moisturizer.

I’ve added the use of shave oils and exfoliants to my routine not because the products I use fall short in certain areas, but because of everyday use of shave oil adds extra glide to your shave and an extra moisturizing effect to your scalp. Shave oil and exfoliants have become a staple in my shave routine. As an every day shaver the extra protection the oils and exfoliants provide gives this Bald Guy a great looking scalp.

Have a #BALDTASTIC day!!



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