I ran across @OiBaldyblog not to long ago and I really like his style, and, his website is really nice as well. So naturally I thought his post needed a spot on thebaldnation.com, @OiBaldyblog is a young Bald Guy with a lot to say about being Bald. @OiBaldyBlog is a Bald Guy of the world, he travels around and sees how others are living the Bald lifestyle, I think ill call him the Bald traveler. This is the Bald travelers first post on thebaldnation.com


Being Bald Sucks doesn’t it? Or does it? The world of the follicley challenged is one that we don’t often choose for ourselves, but hey it comes creeping in and before you know it you have everyone from your best mate to the office clown slapping your chrome dome.

Teen slaphead

18 years old and going bald!!!! My genes were always going to get the better of me, the ticking time bomb that was my hair line was always going to detonate at some point. Who would have known I’d get there so early in my years.

No hope

No matter where you look in my family you won’t find a post middle aged male with a strand of hair. So I knew my follicle fate from a young age. My dad and my uncle went full bald in there thirties as did my Great Granddad, Although my Grampa is still convinced his three strands waxed over his bald scalp are a convincing cover up but he too didn’t go bald until his later years. What went wrong with me?
To much worry not enough shaving
When I receded I hated it, too young and already turning into an old man. Checking the mirror several days, every day. Why was this happening to me, who would I become? What would girls think of me? My friends are going to take the piss? How can I hide it?

Me and my razor

5 years later and I shave about 4 times a week, taking my trusty Mach 3 and 5 minutes in the shower. I am so used to shaving I don’t bother with the mirror. To finish and keep my head soft I slap on some moisturiser and carry on with my day. It’s as easy as that to be happy and confident.

Why am I telling you this?

I spent too many years worrying about all things bald. Too much paranoia and anxiety blindsided me to the fact that actually being a Baldy is brilliant. I want to help those who stress and worry about their situation. It’s time to get over it. That’s why I started Oi! Baldy Blog. So follow me here at the fantastic TheBaldnation.com
Alternatively say hello @ https://twitter.com/Oibaldyblog or oibaldyblog.wordpress.com
Thanks Jack

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