@BaldAttraction when being Bald rocks

Like I’ve said before, one of the privileges I have on social media is getting to talk to a lot of Bald Guys. I get a lot of opinions from one Bald Guy to the next on what they think the Bald lifestyle is or should be.

One opinion is always strong, that’s the opinion that The Bald Lifestyle gives you strength and Pride, honesty and integrity along with good old-fashioned happiness! Now, of course, you don’t have to be Bald to have all of theses wonderful things you can have hair and still have the same feelings, but having them and being Bald at the same time is just so much more fun wouldn’t you agree?

It’s been my privilege in getting to know @BaldAttraction and his thoughts on how a BaldGuy should Walk tall and stand strong, how he should present himself to others and overall just how a BaldGuy should act.I think you’re gonna like his opinions on what it means to be young and Bald, and if you don’t????? Well, we are in America land of the free and home of the Brave right? The land of freedom of speech right? So without further notice, here’s his thoughts.


When being bald rocks

It’s early in the morning. You’re already up, feeling amazing! You’re ready for your day.

After you have your sugar-free coffee (you already know that sugar is a true killer), you hit the gym or a street for a short but intensive 30 minute workout.

After your workout, you take a shower, dress well, look in to the mirror, smile when you see your well maintained bald man short haircut and hit the road.

You’re on the mission. There is a lot to do today. A lot to accomplish. But all this is stuff you love!

You’re an ambitious man. While walking to your office or a job site, the hottest blond is checking you out on the street. Yes she is. You know it! No surprise. It happens to you all the time.

You’re the fittest guy out there. You’re dressed well and the way you confidently walk and lead your lifestyle gives you an incredible sex appeal.

As some people repel, you naturally attract. People can’t really say why. It’s a rule of the jungle. You radiate natural sex appeal!

You’re an Attractive Successful Bald Man. You are happy with your looks, your life that is oftentimes not that easy, but you love the challenge. You’re a rockstar! A true bald bold rockstar!

Do you like that scenario I just described? I bet you do! Now what if I tell you I know bald men living this kind of rockstar lifestyles? Yes quite honestly I know few bald men who live life like that.

They are the fittest.

They have the most fun. And they are fun to be around.

They’re dating the most attractive women.

They are very successful and incredibly confident.

They live bold life’s up to their true potential.

Bragging moment!

I believe I am one of these bald guys. Think whatever you want of it, it is true. I am not just saying that for some lame narcissistic reason. No! I am saying it because, for many bald men out there who think that this kind of scenario is not achievable.

Bald men often suffer by their baldness. They get low on self confidence. They hate their bald heads! And I want to show you and all of you bald guys out there, that it is our duty to live great bold rockstar like life’s. Because all of us bald men can.

So where is the secret of living a life of a bald man that really rocks? What are the things we have to do to become a true bald rockstars?

There are few things to do, but they all together create confident, bold, fit, attractive, successful bald rockstars. Yes, you too soon to become one. Let’s talk little bit about few most important ones.

So how do you achieve all these good stuff? It’s not easy, but it’s in your power to take it. And why would you just leave them behind? No more excuses! Grab them now! They are more achievable than you think. Let’s get started!

Get and stay very physically fit

If you want to be attractive you need to be fit. If you want to be successful and confident, you have to be fit. If you want to have abundant energy and bulletproof health, you have to be physically fit.

What is the best way to get physically fit? The answer is: Strength training!

So, my fellow bald man, if you lack some decent physical fitness, you’re missing a lot.

Get fit! Lift heavy things regularly. And you’ll be surprised what that can do to you.

Perfect your diet

The 2 main attractiveness, health and energy destroyers in our diet are sugar and flour. If you want some day to become a true bald rockstar, eliminate them from your diet now. That includes all the processed foods of course.

Stick only to a wholesome natural diet.

With a great diet, regular strength training and exercise you’ll gain abundant energy and bulletproof health. And that brings good looks, sex appeal and confidence at the same time. Don’t underestimate it bald man on a mission to become a bald rockstar! Put it to use. Start today!

Become a gentleman

Here is my favorite definition of a a gentleman from urban dictionary:


Something very rare today. A man who is respectful and considerate of those around him. Acts politely. Treats women with respect. What more guys should be. Because regardless of what your testosterone driven buddies tell you, treating people with respect and being polite doesn’t make you a “weak” or “wimp” or whatever. It makes you a good person and will really benefit you in life hugely!

I will add to that my few words:


Helps people.

Puts people first.

Gentleman is willing to be uncomfortable for the comfort of others.

Gentleman never complains! (This one is big!)

So get on it my fellow bald man. Work on yourself and become a true gentleman. And see the beautiful benefits to show up in your life. It’s really, really worth it!

Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself

I mentioned this one in a being a gentleman a little. Yes this is a huge issue man have these days. And especially bald men can really feel sorry for their bald heads. Stop that now! Now! It’s not serving you well. It’s sabotaging you!

Instead of your own coping and wallowing in self pity, go get up and do stuff you have to do to become a bald rock star! You don’t know what to do? Start with 30 days of no complaining and feeling sorry challenge. Yes, that’s a great start. And than just stick with it. Even if you have many reasons to complain, don’t! Resist it!

People find people who never complain and are comfortable in their own skin incredibly attractive. Now do that and show everybody that you’re not a complainer and that you’re comfortable who you are.

Create your own opportunities

You say: Milan, but I don’t have a chance to succeed or get fit or whatever. It’s not true I say. You have to create your own opportunities. Become a tiger roaming the jungle, look and think. The opportunities are all around you! But unfortunately or fortunately, they often look like a lot of work.

The old saying goes:

Blame no one, expect nothing, do something! True words of rockstars! Apply that rule in your life. And watch your rock star status rise exponentially.

Have style

It’s easy to put the same old crap on you everyday. It’s right there in your wardrobe and you’ve been wearing it forever. We are all guilty of that attractiveness sin at the various levels.

Well, the problem with that is that almost every man does the same. And you’re not trying to be an average sloppy man. You’re trying to live like a rockstar. So, you need to do some exceptional stuff.

Go buy yourself some stylish clothes. I don’t care what you buy, just mix it up a little. And have some style. You might as well check some of the great stuff BALDNATION.COM sells and load up. The choice is yours. But make sure, if it’s stale and old you don’t put it on yourself anymore!

Make every occasion to dress an opportunity to stand out bald man on a mission to become a rock star! Gym, gardening or working around the house. It doesn’t matter. You never know who you might meet. Dress in style and reap the benefits!

Have some serious fun in your life

The first thing you notice on somebody having a serious fun doing something they love is that they appear to you more attractive. Always! Without exception!

Having some serious fun on your terms is not only great for your sanity and health, it also makes you incredibly attractive. True rockstars have some serious fun in their life’s daily!

Go have some fun! Don’t tell me you don’t know how. You really, really do!

Become more interesting

What is the best way to become more interesting man? Simple. Become more interested in others.

All of us human beings are primarily interested in ourselves. And most of us act like that too. Now, in order to be special, you have to do something special here too. I want you to become what majority of men are not. I want you to become genuinely interested in other people.

How do you do that? Simple. You shut up and let them do the talking. And when they run out of things to talk about, you ask them questions about themselves. You feed their egos. You want them to talk more about themselves. They all will love you for that. You’ll seem like a true rockstar to them!

Great. And that is one of the most effective way how to become more interesting to other people. Even though you haven’t said much, and they don’t know much about you. You are still the most interesting man out there.

Get rocking bald man!

I outlined here few simple action steps you should do to really gain a rock star status. And I strongly believe that us bald men should all be rockstars. So my bald friend, get rocking!

My big thanks to BALDNATION.COM for letting me do this guest post.


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