David Reynolds

I talk to a lot of Bald Guys across social media and the different stories of what led them to be Bald. Every story is unique in its own way. What I’m discovering along the way is that people from all walks of life live the Bald lifestyle and you either love it, or hate it, or put up with it. Ultimately, it depends on why you’re living the Bald lifestyle or what led you to the Bald lifestyle. I’m passionately Bald by choice and have been a shave enthusiast for years.

I met David Reynolds on Facebook a while back. You wont find him on twitter he’s exclusively on Facebook. We have talked back and forth from time to time and I have always enjoyed our short conversations. We recently spoke about why we are Bald and I thought what better place to tell his story but on a site specialized for Bald individuals. You may remember David Reynolds from movies such as House of 1000 Corpses by Rob Zombie, were he played character Richard Wick, or Hansel one of the mutants from The Hills Have Eyes 2.

So here is David’s Reynolds story about his transformation from hair to no hair you’re going to love it! You can find him here on Facebook.

I used to sport a huge head of curly hair that added at least 5 inches to my height. My roommate kept after me to get it cut, but I refused. Although I was not a hippy or a love child, my hair was sacred to me. My dad had insisted that I cut it when I was younger, but fortunately he wasn’t into marine cuts so I was spared that.

I’d been an actor ever since I was 9 and no one had ever asked me to cut my hair. On the contrary, they loved its curliness and sheer mass. That ended when I auditioned for a graduate student film called “Through a Different Eye”. The director was sufficiently interested to pull me aside and ask if I’d be willing to get an extremely short crewcut. “Your hair as it is now is just too, uh, too – (he searched for the right word) – much for this character.” At first I said no, that I was too busy with another project, etc. Anything to keep me from getting my hair cut as short as he required. On the drive home though I kept thinking about it. “It will always grow back, ” I reasoned. “What the hell am I doing? I’m an actor!”

I returned to the studio where we had auditioned and told the director I’d be willing to cut my hair if cast. “Great!” he said. “I’ll let you know soon.”

Three weeks later I got the call from the director, casting me as Perry. Since I was appearing in a play at the time, I couldn’t get my hair cut until I got down to Florida right before the shoot. “No problem,” said the director. “I’ll arrange it with a local barbershop.”

I got down to Florida with my hair intact and said hello to one of the producers who told me he’d take me to the barbershop as soon as I was ready. My heart was pounding as we walked into a typical barbershop, complete with swirling barber pole in the front. After waiting about 20 minutes, an older barber motioned me over to the chair. He caped me and put the tissue around my neck. It was a little tight and I could feel my Adam’s apple jogging up and down. The barber asked the producer “How do you want his hair cut?”

The producer said, “Shave him clean!” I heard myself gasp. The barber ignored me and said, “All right. Say good-bye to it, son!” Without another word, he lifted the curls in front, clicked on a huge pair of.clippers, and plunged them into the bush that was my hair. The producer began to smile as he watched my hair falling in huge clumps to the floor and into my lap. The barber held my head firmly and ran the clippers over every inch of my head. I said nothing, still trying to adjust to feeling a cool breeze over my head.

Then the barber flicked off the clippers. But he wasn’t finished. He brushed warm shaving cream over my head, coating my head several times. Painstakingly, he then shaved off any stubble that was left with a straight razor. When finished, he said,”You ready to see your new look?” He slowly turned the chair towards the mirror. I couldn’t believe that was me. Who was that bald guy? He wasn’t bad-looking, just bald. Totally bald. A bald head surrounded by a striped barber’s cape.

“Close your mouth, son!” the barber joked. I then realized my mouth was hanging open. The barber removed the cape and dusted my head with baby powder. A little kid who had been watching turned to his Dad and said, “That’s a big haircut!” Everyone in the shop laughed, including me.

The film turned out very well and yes, my hair grew back. But the next year someone else asked me to shave for a role and I decided to keep the cut. I was getting more work without hair than with it!

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