45 Fantastic reasons to be Bald Part-3

31. Own your facial hair

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Sure you can grow out your facial hair but you’re so concerned with the hair on your head, you can’t completely rock your facial hair the way you want to. You grow it out (depending on your genetic ability) and start taking a liking to it but almost feel like you’re trying to overcompensate and can’t enjoy the beard/ goatee/ soul patch to the fullest because it doesn’t have all of your attention yet.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You’ve put a stop to constantly obsessing about the whole hair loss ordeal and just accept it. You don’t take a second look at the hair on your head, meaning you can now move forward and fully focus on your facial hair. Depending on the shape of your face, you can try out different styles, experiment, find your own and then pull it off like you never could! Being bald also brings to focus to the rest of your facial features, making that pristine beard even more prominent and complementary to your new look. You discover an entirely new and improved look that you never knew you were hiding. Have fun with it, it isn’t going anywhere 😉

32. Rock a hat like you’re born to

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: You can definitely rock a hat with a full head of hair and most certainly with a clean shaven head but comfortably wearing a cap/ hat while you’re still in the process of balding isn’t easy. Firstly, there will be hair in the hat every time you take it off, reminding you of your hair loss constantly (ref. point 8). Secondly, you won’t be able to comfortably take off your hat when you’re out because you know the remaining hair is going to look like a complete mess – so you’re stuck with keeping the hat on the entire time. You can’t freely let others try out your hat either because of the potentially embarrassing situation it might hatch.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You have now acquired the gift of being able to pull off a hat like you were born to. It just looks great and pretty natural. Furthermore, the best part is you won’t have any of the issues like before because your head isn’t sensitive to any external elements now. You can rub your head all you want and you’ll look exactly the same – no more tension about how every strand is placed and how it might look when you off your hat. Since you aren’t as free to run your hands through your head to fix your hair when you’re freaking out about the strands falling out, being able to take your hat off without a care in the world after buzzing/ shaving your head is quite the rewarding experience. Enjoy your new collection of head gear, whatever it may look like!

33. Stop visiting the doctor like you’re sick

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: You pretty much go to the doctor like a sick patient, suffering from a dis-ease. In the beginning, you feel this way too and if you don’t manage to accept it but start on medication, then consider surgeries etc., you’re treating yourself and letting others treat you like someone who is really suffering from a grave disease. This simply isn’t true because the fact is, losing some hair on your head doesn’t physically inhibit you from doing anything you could do before. It’s not like losing a limb or having a stroke which can definitely result in physical limitations. You’re not sick, not even close. It’s perfectly natural for some guys to go bald, and unless you can understand and accept that, you’re going to make things spiral downhill without even realizing it.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You never have to visit the doctor for anything hair related, ever again. The thought doesn’t even cross your mind! Naturally, the added benefits of saving tons of time, money and agony are always a welcome bonus. You’re not a sick patient and it’s only once you fully accept being bald and stop caring about it that you can feel more instead of less empowered by being a bald baller!

34. The chance to help others who’re freaking out

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: No one is ever going to come up to you for advice if they’re struggling with their hair loss and you have some ridiculous comb-over or have this look that screams “I know I should just shave my head and free myself but I’m too scared too”. Instead, guys are probably going to hope they can deal with it a little better than you could. You’ll never be a role model or be able to help anyone out.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: For a guy losing his hair, the uncertainty and fear of the unknown are the biggest reasons that accepting the bald look is so damn hard. There are a million unanswered questions and insecurities and it’s immensely helpful to have someone/ a group that can help you through this time. Now if you’re that guy who has managed to accept and master the bald look, you’re that guy who can make a massive positive difference for a lot of others. Helping other guys through what you’ve already been through and making it easier for them is an extremely rewarding experience – something I now have the privilege of doing and something you can do too, once you make it over to the proud bald side of life.

35. Enjoy your reflection

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Looking in the mirror is a chore and often terrifying. It’s almost impossible not to check your hairline or stare into your scalp to check if your skull is getting increasingly visible. The worst part ifthese reflective surfaces and mirrors start to appear everywhere, much more often than you’d like… and because you’re so conscious of hair now, you can’t help but look into the mirror to see if things have worsened since the last time you looked at your reflection. It’s a constant battle to stay positive throughout the day when you’re always reminded that you’re balding against your will every 5 minutes.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Like most things, reflections are awesome. People say one of the things that suck about being bald is that you can’t mess around your look because there’s no hair to play with. Not only is that not true (facial hair takes on a new meaning), but the fact that you don’t have to fear your look constantly changing anymore is a massive respite! Now (once you buzz/ shave) you don’t care about your reflection much because you know exactly what to expect… nothing can change for the worse and your look is finally constant – no more paranoia for you!

36. No more bed head – get ready in a jiffy

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Getting reading and fixing up before going out when you’re overly conscious of your hair 24*7 often takes way longer than before or after you embark on the glorious balding journey. You can spend ages trying to fix every strand so your head of hair looks as full as possible, while still looking well styled… and ironically, the more time you spend trying to fix the hair, the more hair falls out and all in all, it’s just a downer of an experience and costs a lot more time than it should to get ready.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Another great reason the one fixed bald look works wonders. You don’t have to spend a second freaking out about meticulously placing your strands of hair because you just don’t have any of them to deal with any more. You’re practically ready to take life by the balls 24*7, need no time to get ready, and you always look fresh. Getting ready doesn’t involve any complicated procedure like spraying your hair, applying minoxidil or anything of the sort. You always look great, fresh and you’re ready in a jiffy. Everyone can appreciate that!

37. Stop avoiding photos

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: In the Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter and most recently selfie crazy world we live in today, it’s most people’s second nature to snap a picture whenever anything the slightest bit out of the ordinary occurs/ shows up. It’s not uncommon then for you to be the subject of those pictures, which aren’t just taken on special occasions anymore. What this means for the balding guy who’s always fidgeting with his hair to make the balding as inconspicuous as possible is that there’s now the extra burden of always being picture-ready. Believe me when I say this can be extremely stressful, as much of a first world problem it may sound like. It’s the reason I avoided majority of social gatherings/ parties other than of course generally being too self-conscious. You’ll worry about how your hair looks, how bald you look, whether the light emphasizes or helps conceal your bald spot(s) etc. It’s hell on earth and you can’t just enjoy yourself and be carefree in your day to day existence like you should.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You know EXACTLY what you look like. No surprises, ever. You don’t have to feel nervous about a picture being taken or wonder how the picture came out. You can just work on a few picture faces, flash them every time and very rarely have a less than flattering picture taken. You can also stop freaking out when someone pulls out a camera because whatever picture you’re in, it’s as good as someone just photoshopping your face in. It’s an extremely liberating sensation to almost look forward to pictures being taken and because you’re so sure of how the picture will turn out, you’re worry-free! Good stuff!

38. Beat the media brainwashing

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – being able to accept that you’re meant to be bald results in conquering one of your greatest fears as a man. If you don’t manage to accept it, in essence you would never have been able to conquer the fear – a fear set in by the media, because in reality, it’s one of the most natural occurrences in a life. Think about it – would cavemen really be freaking out about their vanity or just go on with life if they started balding? The reason guys often make such a big deal about going bald is because the media has programmed into their brains the idea that the hair on their head is a huge determinant of their attractiveness. It’s a huge ploy to sell the medication, treatments and surgeries that spur on the multi-billion dollar hair loss remedying industry. Until you can learn to deal with your hair loss head on by accepting your fate, you’ll have to keep riding the ride the media wants you to.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You’re ahead of the curve – you’re one step ahead and you’ve managed to successfully beat the media propaganda that could have otherwise depleted your wallet, mind and soul. The next time you see an ad about a shampoo that prevents hair fall, you’ll laugh at it and be grateful that you aren’t fighting tooth and nail to keep your hair anymore, that you’re free and just don’t give a rat’s ass. When you see billboards showcasing laser surgeries with the ridiculously unreal before and after pictures, smile, because you know better than to fall for that nonsense, get your hopes up, pay some sleazy institution and then end up disappointed. You can just take all of that media propaganda and flush it down the drain because simply put, you just don’t need to care anymore. You’ve won before the battle even begun!

39. Bring good luck

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Sadly, balding guys bring no superstitious good luck. Only being fully bald will give you that added charm.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: In more than a few countries, including European, South American and especially Asian ones, bald guys are known to bring good look. If the laughing Buddha isn’t testimony to that, I don’t know what is. You get to be a good luck charm and no one would want to to give up the chance to snatch up some luck. Thanks to Stephen Kennedy for confirming it in point no. 10!

40. Feel grateful for choosing the right path

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: While you’re balding and going through the motions hating yourself, your fate and your life, it’s hard – almost impossible to feel grateful for anything. Life sadly isn’t easy to get by without an attitude of gratitude. You won’t be able to feel grateful for much, let alone your bald(ing) head if you’re constantly stressing about it. Maybe you’re one of the fortunate few who can have visibly thinning hair and not care about but you still won’t be able to appreciate how much of pain and suffering you’ve saved yourself until you finally manage to wholeheartedly accept your balding and buzz/ shave your head.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: It might take a while initially but you will definitely come to the point when you’re just blissful about your decision to shave your head. All the worries and insecurities you ever had have completely vanished and you can be truly thankful and grateful that you made the conscious decision to choose the path less (but increasingly more) taken.

41. Your other features stand out

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: You’re most like too focused on the hair to ever spend a second appreciating all of the other features on your face that make up your ‘look’. Your eyes, how deep they are within the sockets, your nose, beard etc. etc. It’s because when you look in the mirror, all you notice is the thinning hair and think to yourself how you can ever look/ feel attractive without the hair. The fact is you will look just as attractive bald, if not more – because the attention is brought to the rest of your features.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Instead of focusing on your thinning hair, you and everyone else will first focus on your other features, especially your eyes and your smile. Think about it – how often do you look at a bald guy and stare gob smack at his head? You just don’t – your attention goes straight to the face. This added focus on the rest of your focus makes you a lot more attractive without even noticing it because the previously overlooked features that deserved attention are now finally the centre of the focus. Winning!

42. Become a more complete person; respect your body!

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: You’re more than the dead cells on your head. Like a lot of other glaringly obvious things though, you’re unable to realize this if you’re freaking out about balding because you’re vision is blurred with the obsession to restore your hair. You completely overlook the fact that there’s an entire body you’ve been gifted with and you fail to appreciate your body as a whole.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You start to appreciate yourself in your entirety. There isn’t just the hair on your head, but your face, your limbs, your abdomen, your back etc. etc. Does that sound a little odd? Once you start working out and getting your entire body in shape, you’ll start to understand that your hair was less than 0.001% of your entire body. Going bald is great in this sense because it helps you connect with who your entire person, not just the superficial one you think you need to be. It’s extremely empowering to suddenly realize how much more there is to you and very few guys do as good a job at exemplifying this as Milan Stolicny from BaldAttraction. Once you’re over the whole freaking out about going bald phase, you’ll start become one with your entire body and it feels great to realize how intricate and amazing you are as an (entire) person!

43. Feel like you can conquer the world

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: The more often you encounter and overcome an obstacle, the more successful you will be at beating down the next one. I’m not sure if that’s a quote but if not, I’m copyrighting it right now! Seth Godin recently gave a wonderful example at 0:30 about how his son was petrified of jumping off a diving board at first but couldn’t stop doing it after that first time. The point it, he overcame the obstacle in his mind and that empowered him, thereby raising his standard of what’s achievable. Dealing with balding is exactly the same – if you’re like most guys (especially the younger guys) you hate the fact that you’re losing your hair and just can’t get the courage to shave it off and conquer that fear. You’re scared of what you’ll look like, what your friends, family and co-workers will say – you’re scared of being judged. Once you do it though, you realize you were stressing about nothing the entire time and that you wish you had done it sooner. You need to be able to conquer that fear and take the plunge to experience this rise in standards for yourself, which isn’t possible before you can muster up the courage and buzz/ shave your head for the first time.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: Just like jumping off the diving board or wakeboarding successfully for the first time, you’ve accomplished what you first thought was an unsurmountable task. What this does is reinforces that you can in fact accomplish anything that you set your mind to. This transpires to your business, relationships, overall confidence and anything that you want to accomplish but are scared to try.

Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain

Over time, the more risks you take and the more things you accomplish, the easier success will come to you and the more you’ll feel like you can conquer the world. If you’re finding it hard to deal with balding, buzzing/ shaving your head is a huge step that’ll serve to remind you that you can conquer the world!

44. Ironically, it’s not a big deal at all!

efore buzzing/ shaving your head: Before you take the plunge, you just won’t be able to relate to someone telling you it isn’t a big deal because it’s your worst nightmare. You will continue to make a mountain out of a molehill for no apparent reason. It’s why I really feel that all guys, whether balding or not should at least shave their heads once, to realize that it’s not as big a deal as they made it out to be.

After buzzing/ shaving your head: It might or might not happen immediately, but you’ll come to a point when you suddenly think “hmm… that’s not too bad at all”. This realization coupled with the hassle-free life you can lead once you accept your hair loss and stop caring about it show you that it’s not a big deal at all. It makes sense that you thought it was though, because it can be a dramatic change but you know better now that you’ve taken the plunge and confronted it. As borat would say, “Great success!”.

45. Potential branding/ career advantage

Before buzzing/ shaving your head: Let’s face it, branding yourself as a balding guy just won’t get you anywhere. I’ve never come across anyone proclaiming they’re the balding anything guy. Luckily, once you do take the plunge and completely become with your bald persona, there’s a whole untapped world of personal branding you have unlimited access to – just by virtue of being bald!

After buzzing/ shaving your head: You can be the Bald Guy in a Red Tie, the Bald Lawyer, the Bald Chef or even the ironic Bald Barber - whatever you please to be. Being bald means you stand out (a little) and that’s a really good thing in 2014. Why? Because if you live your life trying to fit in and remain inconspicuous, you’ll never be able to follow your passion, make a mark on the world and live up to your potential. You should strive to be different, not to follow the leader but to be the leader in your own reality. Being a proud bald guy gives you that extra edge when you want to stand out, brand yourself and be remembered. You’ll be more easily remembered, meaning you can have a bigger, more positive impact on the world in whatever way you choose!


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