HeadBlade ATX review

I’m a Head Bladder for life!!



I’ve been Bald for the better part of 20 years and I don’t ever see changing that part of my life. I’m Bald by choice (BBC) so I get the luxury of choosing everyday weather or not I’m going to stay Bald and keep living the Bald lifestyle, or, hang it up and grow it all back. The thought of growing hair back doesn’t seem that appealing to me. I’m not bashing hair haver’s, but, even when I miss a day of shaving it all off my head tinges and itches. It drives me crazy. Living the Bald lifestyle for the better part of 20 year has taught me several things. Pre and post shaving is an important step in you’re shaving routine, mastering you’re technique leads to less irritation, cuts and nicks, and, great products are a must. That’s why I’m a Head bladder for life. I’m impressed by all of their shaving products and the Head slick shaving cream is a staple in my shaving routine. I might not use Head slick every night but rest assured it’s still in my cabinet and always will be. The one product by Head Blade I haven’t tried until recently was their flagship razor the Head Blade. I follow a lot of Bald Guys on social media and I’ve heard nothing but praises for the Head Blade. The only negativity I’ve heard is really not even considered negativity to me but rather questions on the best way to use it for the best results that the Head Blade has to offer.

after a couple of emails to @Todd_Greene from @headblade which by the way both have great customer service and know just how to treat a Bald fella, my package was in the mail and n my doorstep in a matter of no time. Seeing a package from @headblade on you’re doorstep is like Christmas day. HeadBlade includes trial size creams and moisturizer with you’re purchases which I think is a nice touch! It’s very obvious that customer service and customer care is top priority with this company geared toward catering to every Bald man who buys the HeadBlade product. I quickly unpackaged my new HeadBlade ATX and this what all came with it!! Needless to say I was pretty excited about getting started with my new ATX. Like I’ve stated before if you have never used a Headblade before their can be a learning curve compared to you’re disposable razor, but, it really only takes a couple of times to use it before you have parts of it mastered. Back behind the ears takes a little getting use to and shaving against the grain, I haven’t quite mastered that part yet. I look forward to using  it everyday, and that’s what its all about.

One of the big differences between you’re disposable razor and the HeadBlade ATX is the difference in stroke lengths it takes to shave. With a disposable razor you use short strokes to achieve you’re goal. With the ATX you use long strokes with very little pressure, that’s what it says in the directions that come with the razor. There are several videos on you tube that give you step by step direction on how to use the ATX but I’m a guy that lives by experience and learning new things without directions and how to videos so I opted out of the directional videos and decided to just go for it.I was really impressed by the way the ATX felt in my hand. The top part of the ATX is black rubber with a  half loop for your middle finger to rest in that fits firm and snug for great control of the ATX during you’re  shaving routine. There is a spot on the back of the ATX for your ring finger to rest comfortably. The front of the ATX looks like the front of an ATV with the signature Head Blade logo. The front end also encased 2 sets of tires side by side sticking out from both sides of the ATX to help roll along the contour of your scalp with ease.

On the back of the ATX houses the razor which is very flexible and self adjusts to the pressure given during each shave. If you turn the ATX on its side the bottom is branded HeadBlade ATX all terrain razor a Todd Greene design. The ATX truly is a great design, with the wheeled front end and the spring-loaded razored  back-end it takes a minimal effort with little pressure for a smooth shave. The wheels on the front end roll across the contour of you’re scalp as the razored back-end follows stripping away the unwanted hair leaving behind a smooth scalp without razor burn. Todd Greene has finally done it, he’s made the first match box car for the BaldGuy. So what’s my final thoughts on the ATX from HeadBlade?, HeadBlade is a company that makes a superior product that caters to all Bald men that live the Bald lifestyle and to prove that point take a look at any of the HeadBlade razors and you will quickly see why the HeadBlade ATX is 100% BaldGuy approved. HeadBlades a company that is continuously helping to bring the Bald community one razor at a time.



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