TheBaldfatGuy HeadBlade ATX review.

Awhile back I had the pleasure of getting to know a fellow headshaver and blogger @baldfatguy. I’ve read a lot of his posts and checked out his website several times. Our Bald community has several influencial figures that guide others in the right direction with information regarding shaving tips, product reviews and other useful information. The @baldfatguy is one of those individuals so I’ve asked him to share some of his knowledge with a guest post.

It’s kind of funny really; here I am writing a guest blog post about a product that was once the subject of a guest blog post on my own site.

I had been asked by fellow headshaver mtmcl14 to share his experience with Headblade. He wrote a wonderful history of how he came to know and love the razor which made me wish to try it all that much more.

I spent some time looking at the razor online. I quickly noticed that they come in a few different models and that the razor itself was not the only product. You can get razors, creams, washes, refill blades, clothing, and accessories. They are definitely a full service shop.

I had reached out to Headblade on Twitter asking if they would send me a kit to review on and they politely and professionally stated they would like to see more of my reviews first. I can totally respect that. With the Internet full of people just out to get free stuff, you need to make sure you are sending your freebies to the right users to gain the best ROI.

Time went by and I reviewed a few more razors, some creams, & even a granola company. ( With more reviews under my belt, I decided to take to Twitter and ask them to tell Headblade that they should let me review their razor. After a few retweets and I am told a direct email from at least one of my Twitter pals, I received a message that Headblade wanted my email address!

I joyfully sent them my email address and we exchanged a few short and sweet emails containing my shipping address as well as some useful information on their part.

The package arrived shortly thereafter. I was stoked. I was ready to tear into the package like a kid at Christmas.

The next day I woke up and decided to give the Headblade the test. I started my normal routine with a nice hot shower in which I exfoliated and prepped my head for the new experience. After the shower, I set up the Headblade ATX and opened the Headslick that came along with it.

The Headslick was a little thicker than I prefer, but with enough water, it literally did make my head slick!

Before I go any further, Headblade does provide how to videos. In fact, they included a link to them in one of the emails we exchanged. I chose to see how intuitive the razor was and purposely did not watch the videos.

I took a good hard look at the razor and determined which direction to roll it across my scalp, rinsed it in the hot water in the sink, and I was off.

The initial stroke was great. No stray hairs, no cuts, and no reason not to move on to additional strokes so on I went. I shaved my head using the same method I always tend to use: over the right ear, along the neck and back of the head, and over the left ear. It took some adjustment on my part as I am quite used to handle based razors and at this point found the ATX to be a bit cumbersome.

This is of no fault to Headblade, I just needed to adjust my position a bit since my finger was now the handle.

Once I trained my brain and hand to work together, I was able to shave my head as clean and smooth as with any other razor, but I got to look awkwardly cool doing it.

I waited a couple of days to see how quickly the hair came back. I was pretty happy overall. The hair came back as normal. It did grow back a little quicker along the crease / fold we bald fellas have just above our necks.

My second shave, I used my preferred cream instead of the thicker Headslick. While the shave was smoother going, the results were about the same.

I would recommend the Headblade to any head shaver out there. I would also recommend watching the how to videos to get the best out of your first attempt.

Overall, Headblade is a good razor and a great company! Give them a shot and tell them The Bald Fat Guy sent ya!

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