Cremo Cream

Cremo Cream shaving cream provides a lightning fast shave with a smooth outcome!!



Whenever I go to the store I always stroll through the shaving isle and see if there is any new shaving items. For several weeks I saw the Cremo Cream shaving cream and thought about buying it to review. I’m a creäture of habit when it comes to shaving products, but I also like to try new items to see if there is a diamond in the rough so to speak.I read a great review by one of my fellow BaldGuys and blogger @baldfatguy. His review was very thorough and positive. What made my decision on whether to buy it or not was the portion of his blog post that stated how you only need a small amount to cover your scalp, if it dries out just add a small amount of water and re-lather. His blog also states that @cremocream allowed him to shave with the grain and against the grain of his scalp. This made my final decision and I was ready to give it a shot.

I contacted @Cremocream through Twitter and email, they were prompt and courteous and answered all my questions with a friendly and professional attitude that leaves no question in my mind on whether or not I would want to contact them again. In a short period of a few days I received my care package from @cremocream and I was ready to test out my new shaving products courtesy of @cremocream.

The shave cream comes in a 6 FL OZ / 177 ML bottle that states, “impossibly slick water activated molecules dramatically reduces nicks and razor irritation” The shave cream is a creamy white color with a thick consistency that when applied to you’re scalp goes on nice and smooth. Like I’ve stated several times “A little bit goes a long way”. A small amount is all you need to cover you’re entire scalp, like it states on the front of the shaving cream container its water activated meaning a small amount of cream and a lot of water goes along way. The small amount of cream applied evenly over my entire scalp and provided a smooth shave with the grain and against the grain without any razor burn.

The moisturizer comes in a short 4.4 FL OZ / 130 ML bottle that comes out in a creamy white substance that when applied to you’re scalp is clear and takes little work rubbing it in on you’re scalp. The moisturizer is non-greasy and non-shiny. If you’re scalp has a natural shine like mine does, the moisturizer keeps the shine to a minimum. The face wash works well on both you’re face and scalp all in one wash. the consistency of the face wash is thick and has a freshening feeling after the wash has been completed. It goes on and comes off clear. I was surprised that Cremo Cream doesn’t market their products to the Bald lifestyle because they could very easily! So, my final thoughts of the Cremo Cream total skin care line is that it’s a great product that provides a smooth shave every time. Cremo Cream is Bald Guy approved and supports our BaldNation, love your products and you will love the results!



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